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Proud to live in Newnan

  • By The Newnan Times-Herald
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  • Apr. 08, 2020 - 3:49 PM

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Tuesday morning I looked out our front door to see the entire top of one of our trees lying in the yard and on the sidewalk, as the result of the storm that had passed through earlier.

As I was pondering what to do, the doorbell rang. There stood a young man, a stranger, holding a chainsaw. He and his friend had heard from one of our neighbors that we might need help, so these men were just offering to cut up our tree limbs for free, just because we needed it done.

They cut up all the limbs, cut down the trunk and carried it all to the curbside. They said it was their pleasure.

This is an expression of the essence of Newnan — its heart and soul.

My husband and I have experienced many kindnesses during the four years we have lived here. The city has received both national and international notice and praise for the way events have been handled here, and rightly so. But the core of Newnan is one of helpfulness and kindness and caring for one another.

Like Minnie Pearl, we are so proud to be here.

Patricia Sambdman