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We have been forced to smell the roses and they are sweet

  • By The Newnan Times-Herald
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  • Mar. 30, 2020 - 9:48 AM

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In the midst of this horror in which we have found ourselves and not knowing if and when it will end, it has given me pause to think of those who are sacrificing their own lives and endangering the lives of their loved ones by serving us.

I pray, not just one time a day, but many times a day and into the night for our medical teams, our public safety teams, our leaders in our country and around the world, our churches, and our business owners.

Sometimes, the thoughts of those who are ill with this virus, the thoughts of those who have lost loved ones and could not even be with them on their death beds, the thoughts of those who have lost loved ones and cannot even have funerals to say a final good-bye, those who are facing huge business losses, the little children and others who are hungry, the desperation of so many, and the list goes on and on, such that I am heavily burdened.

I have to jack myself up and go out in my yard and look up at the blue sky, the fluffy clouds, the budding of the trees and yes the smell of the roses. God is in His Heaven, and we can trust Him knowing that He is in control.

I realize that many have to go into work just to serve us and help us, but I am still amazed at the people who have totally disregarded others by needlessly going out and about when they never even know if they are carriers of this deadly virus or not. I believe we have been forced to see the beauty around us and to get out in our yards and smell the roses.

It is so wonderful to see little children out riding their bikes with their families, to hear that families are sitting together at the dinner table, to hear the birds sing, to watch flowers come out of the earth after a long winter’s sleep—in times past, we have missed all of these sightings because of being confined in the house with television and computers and other electronic devices.

I have been so blessed to have friends and family call to check on me, leave food on my front porch, being able to order my groceries and have them delivered and yes, even having my vet and her staff come out to my car to take my kitty inside for help, and I could go on and on. Most of all, I am grateful for the hope given to us by the Lord up above that one day “this too shall pass.”

In the meantime, be sure and go outside in your yard and smell the roses.

Norma Haynes