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Wadsworth Week...connecting the dots

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  • Mar. 06, 2020 - 4:35 PM

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It occurred to me how precious and connected life is. Listening to Carl Ware at the Carnegie

Foundation’s book signing of the author’s “Portrait of an American Businessman,” one quickly learns of the divine providence leading to one’s successes in life.

Charles Wadsworth grew up humbly on Spring Street and, as the story goes, had a musical talent and personality that led him to an exciting musical career all over the world.

As his legacy continues each year with the annual Friends of Wadsworth Concert and the now bi-annual Charles Wadsworth Piano Competitions, the family which had the most impact on his life was the William Banks family.

They afforded him piano lessons and the eventual enrollment into Julliard School of music. This year’s Friends of Wadsworth concert is dedicated to the memory of William Nathaniel Banks, Jr. He and Charles remained great friends throughout their lives.

Now tying in the Carl Ware story, his successes were due to hard work and the folks along the way who saw potential and offered support. In his talk prior to the book signing, Mr. Ware is eager to point out how Newnan has grown and evolved into a community which offers opportunities to many through the foundations and nonprofits which seem to flourish.

Not to be overlooked, however, both Charles and Carl can attribute their successes to parents who laid a foundation of virtuous values and the discipline to work and pursue their dreams. This is the goal of many local groups — to instill and influence young people as they navigate through their lives making choices which will determine their success.

Through the years, William Banks, Jr. was a supporter of the arts, a writer and knowledgeable of antiques and architecture which he captured in his Newnan home, Bankshaven.

After his death in November 2019, Rebecca Leftwich wrote a beautiful tribute, “A Charmed Life” published in the NTH on Nov. 23.

Each year, through the generous donation of the Newnan Rotary Club, a Master Class is conducted by select artists from the Friends of Wadsworth Concert. This year is no exception, and a strings Master Class will be conducted by Chee-yun, Yves Dhramaraj and Mak Grgic on Monday, March 16, at the Nixon Center.

With the knowledge that a connection and spark may inspire and influence a future artist, it is with great appreciation that we do live in a community which goes above and beyond.

Phyllis Graham