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Practice restraint, slow the virus

  • By The Newnan Times-Herald
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  • Mar. 26, 2020 - 11:58 AM

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We are in unchartered waters once again. The captain again is navigating by the stars.

Coronavirus did not sneak upon the United States. It was predicted, forecast even.

It's deadly. Insidious. Pernicious. Breathtaking. A Natural Born Killer. Covid 19 is fast. It does not discriminate. It's not prejudiced.

Currently, it's unstoppable. But it is containable.

Corona Virus can be slowed down, and that is our best chance and best hope to prevent it from overwhelming our precious medical community.

That's the "Real Deal". Once the doctors, nurses, and hospitals fail, people die in large numbers. (Do you know what your number is?)

Every time we choose to "shelter in place" and choose to practice "social distancing" then

the spread of this Viral Menace is hindered; to wit: slowed down. The slower it spreads

the better chance you and I have to avoid it.

If half of us practice the restraints put in place by our public officials, the virus is slowed by 50%.

If a third of us practice the restraints put in place, the virus is slowed by 33.3%. If only a tenth of us practice the in-place restraints, the virus is slowed by only 10% and that paltry amount will hardly be enough (but it's better than nothing) to give our medical personnel a fighting chance to help those of us who never dreamed we could ever be so affected.

Resist the urge to exercise your "rights" and to do whatever you damn well please.

For now, choose to "shelter in place" and practice "social distancing" with every ounce of strength that you have.

For now, practice restraint with every piece of common sense brains that you have. With every bone you have in your body and every fiber of your being, for now; exercise caution and live to debate who is at fault for Covid 19 further "up the road".

I'll argue with you then if need be...

Much Love, Peace and Restraint.

Al Smith