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Going viral

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  • Mar. 17, 2020 - 4:21 PM

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News gathering typically requires our reporters to be out in the community, engaging with the people who make the news. Given the recent arrival of COVID-19 in Coweta, The Newnan Times-Herald has taken several steps to ensure the safety of our staff.

Our downtown lobby is closed to visitors, but we are open during regular business hours for phone calls and emails. We respond to Facebook messages almost any time of the day.

Our reporters and designers are all prepared to work from home if necessary, because we have news to cover, stories to write, photos to take and a newspaper to produce, coronavirus pandemic or not.

It might take a little long-distance networking, but we'll get it done like we always have in the midst of a disaster.

Most meetings and events have been called off, and if they haven’t yet – be sure to check before you head out. We have an ongoing list of schedule changes and cancellations that is updated frequently throughout the day.

You’ll also notice that our printed See & Do section has all but been replaced with a puzzle page, hopefully to help entertain those of us who are hunkering down and practicing a little “social distancing” while this viral storm blows over.

The COVID-19 situation is evolving faster than we can print, so the bulk of our coverage can be found, paywall-free, on our website at There are no limits on how many of our stories you can read. We hope everyone will find us to be a reliable source of local COVID-19 news in a climate fraught with anxiety and misinformation.

Please share our website with your friends and neighbors. During this pandemic, our mission is to help facts go viral, not COVID-19.

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