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The voice of one crying in the wilderness

  • By The Newnan Times-Herald
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  • Feb. 07, 2020 - 6:25 PM

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I am subscribed to Rep. Drew Ferguson’s newsletter. I always get a kick out of the opening paragraph. It inevitably contains the latest Republican talking-points that he has received, and blames all of the country’s problems on the “socialist” Democrats. His last few newsletters all opened with an attack on what President Trump, and then Republicans in Congress, called the “impeachment hoax.” Merriam-Webster defines hoax as, “to trick into believing or accepting as genuine something false and often preposterous,” and “an act intended to trick or dupe.”

I can assure the representative that the impeachment and subsequent trial of the president was no hoax. Numerous credible witnesses appeared before the House to tell their stories, many of them at great personal sacrifice. What the president attempted to do with Ukraine was a serious abuse of power, despite his claims of a “perfect” phone call, whatever that is. The revelation of the president’s interactions with Ukraine, combined with the Mueller Report, paint a disturbing picture. Volume II of the Mueller Report records 10 possible cases of obstruction of justice by the president, which were anything but preposterous.

Of course, if one had not read the Mueller Report, they would not be aware of this. I can confidently state, based on personal knowledge, that neither Rep. Ferguson, nor Sen. Perdue has read the report. They have both refused my multiple requests to answer the simple question of whether they have indeed read it.

I have been called a couple of times for jury duty and was chosen as a juror both times. If I had stated prior to the trials that the defendant was innocent, I would have immediately been dismissed from the jury pool. Yet this is exactly what many Republicans declared during this process, as they dutifully fell in behind their party’s president, and regurgitated his denunciation of the impeachment hoax. Georgia’s newest senator wasted no time in displaying her bona fides to be able to ride the president’s sycophant train by predictably denouncing the impeachment hoax.

What has happened to the Grand Old Party of Lincoln, Eisenhower, Reagan and others that they would so blindly declare their allegiance to a president who is amoral at best and immoral at worst? Only Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah broke party ranks and voted to convict the president on the charge of abuse of power. Sen. Romney cited a combination of his faith, family, and country — in the form of his Constitutional Oath — that coalesced for him to reach the conclusion that he did.

Immediately, Sen. Romney came under attack for his vote from the president, Georgia’s aforementioned junior senator and others. What kind of a person took their faith, their family or something as irrelevant as a Constitutional oath into consideration before casting a vote? The only logical conclusion to arrive at is a person for which there is no place in today’s Republican Party.

Sen. Romney has secured his place in history with his “Jeanette Rankin-esque” vote. As such, history will be as kind to the senator, as it will be unkind to his fellow Republicans that make up this 116th Congress. History will remember Mr. Romney as the voice of one crying in the wilderness.

Lawrence Burns