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Grantville council divided on basketball court renovations

  • By Jeffrey Cullen-Dean
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  • Jan. 14, 2020 - 9:55 PM

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Grantville council divided on basketball court renovations

Jeffrey Cullen-Dean / The Newnan Times-Herald

The Grantville city council. From left, Alan Wacaser, Mark King, Mayor Doug Jewell, Ruby Hines and Jim Sells.

The city of Grantville received proposals from Chord III Contracting, LLC to repair and resurface the basketball court at Grantville Park on Post Street and to renovate a new playing surface at 117 Meriwether Street.

The basketball court at Grantville Park would cost $99,500 and the Meriwether Street basketball court would cost $65,000.

The council also discussed building a fence at the Meriwether Street location, with a cost of $9,850.

City Manager Al Grieshaber recommended tabling the projects at Monday night's work session.

The city of Grantville has $77,940.87 available through the 2013-2018 and 2019-2024 SPLOST funds. However, the city received a $25,000 grant from Coweta-Fayette EMC to replace the pavilion at Griffin Street Park, which the city is required to match.

Grieshaber said because of the grant, the available money is reduced to $52,940.87.

“At the present time, we do not have the money to do one nor two of the basketball courts,” he said. “We recommend that we table this issue along with the fencing until we can resolve the overall cost of the pavilion at Griffin Street Park Complex.”

The pavilion project needs to be bid out before the city can see what the total cost is before moving forward, Grieshaber said.

Councilmember Hines agreed that a pavilion should be built at Griffin Street Park, but also suggested that a pavilion be built at the complex on Post Street.

Councilmember Jim Sells supported Hines's suggestion of a second pavilion, but felt the basketball goals at Meriwether Street needed to be replaced soon.

"If you, Ms. Hines, come up with a plan to put that pavilion up on Post Street, I will support it," he said. "A pavilion like that serves the entire community. It serves families--they can get together out of the hot sun for reunions and picnics."

“However, I’d still like to see Meriwether Street with new basketball goals. What’s there is inadequate,” he added. “It still doesn’t mean we can’t do a permanent fix later. It’s almost unusable because of those Mickey Mouse goals that are there.”

The safety at the basketball courts is a more important issue, said councilmember Mark King, than the construction of pavilions at the parks or replacing the basketball goals.

"The fencing at Meriwether Street should be the primary concern for safety reasons. We have to maintain a safe court for the kids to play on. If it's going to cost us 10-grand, it's going to cost us 10-grand," he said. "One child is worth more than 10-grand. Whether we do the courts on Post Street or Meriwether Street is inconsequential. What is consequential is what we do about the fencing around the basketball court on Meriwether Street."

Hines agreed that a fence at the Meriwether Street basketball courts was important.

Sells said he felt the money for a fence could be used better elsewhere.

"I just want to disagree, and I realize I'm in the minority," he said. "It's not unsafe to play basketball on Meriwether Street. It's lightly used, there are no sidewalks over there, it's at the end of the city and it's a dead end street."