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Ask Miss Pearl

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  • Jan. 02, 2020 - 9:58 AM

Ask Miss Pearl

The Newnan Times-Herald

Dear Miss Pearl,

I can’t believe that my parents gave my brother and his family more money for Christmas than they gave me and my family. Should I ask them why?

And you are HOW OLD? I’m sure your parents love you both equally but maybe they think your brother and his family need the money more than you and yours.

The bottom line is that it is THEIR money to do with as they please. IF you should choose to talk to your parents about this, I highly recommend that you have on your big girl panties (or boxers) and that you use your “nice” voice with them.

You take the risk of this being your last check if you have a jackass fit...just something to think about!

Dear Miss Pearl,

2019 was not a good year for me. Do you have any suggestions on how to make 2020 a better year?

Perspective is a helpful tool in all situations. I suggest you make a list of the negative things about 2019 and then think of all the other people who dealt with much worse things than you. I promise that you can find a silver lining in most everything but you must CHOOSE to find it.

Unfortunately, we love to blame others instead of holding ourselves accountable. You need to realize that you may have had some responsibility in some of the negatives you experienced in 2019 and that YOU may need to make some changes in order for 2020 to be a better year. There are, of course, things that occur in which we have no control over.

We do, however, have a choice in how we deal with these situations. “...strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow...”!

And Another Thing:

Happy New Year! I trust your resolutions are realistic...winning the lottery is NOT a resolution! Here are some suggestions in case you forgot to make any resolutions for 2020:

1.) Return your buggy to the buggy stall and don’t leave it in the middle of the parking lot. 2.) Use your blinker! 3.) Set a good example. 4.) Be kind to veterans and old people. 5.) Use your manners. 6.) Do not entertain everyone at the gas station with your loud music. 7.) Have your coupons in your hand when checking out. 8.) Don’t be a joy sucker. 9.) Do not use profanity in front of young children. 10.) Get some fresh air. 11.) Be kind TO and thoughtful OF others. 12.) Do not expose your body parts to the public. 13.) Socialize with the younger generation. 14.) LET YOUR LIGHT SHINE!!

“Miss Pearl,” aka Colleen Sprayberry, is one of Newnan's leading authorities on modern etiquette. She gladly lends her advice to everyone whether they want it or not, because, "After all, it's all about the children and setting a good example for them." Her videos are available on her Facebook page and YouTube channel. She can be reached at .