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Coweta Crime Blotter

  • By Clay Neely
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  • Dec. 31, 2019 - 11:47 AM

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Coweta Crime Blotter

The Newnan Times-Herald

Note to Readers: Information presented here is obtained from the city police and sheriff's offices. Individuals listed in reports who have been charged with a crime have not been proven guilty in court. Names of those involved in misdemeanor arrests are not used.

A dispute over a shopping lane led to a customer being stabbed by another on Christmas Eve.

The incident occurred at the Big Lots on Bullsboro Drive when an employee opened a new line to help alleviate the crowding. The victim began putting her items on the belt when another woman approached and stated she was in line first, according to the police report.

The two began arguing when the offender reached into her purse, pulled out a pair of scissors and stabbed the victim in the arm, the report stated. The woman then fled from the store after retrieving her item from the counter.

The victim met with medical personnel to be treated but denied transport to the local hospital. Police are reviewing surveillance footage to help identify the offender.


A Newnan man was hospitalized after being shot in the leg while walking down the street.

The incident occurred Sunday morning while the victim was walking in the area of Johnson and Hall Street.

The victim told police a dark SUV pulled next to him and someone shot him in the leg. He was transported to an Atlanta-area hospital and is expected to make a full recovery.


Police responded to the Pilot Truck Stop at the Moreland exit after receiving a call about a man who stole a sausage and egg biscuit.

Upon arriving, deputies found the suspect sitting in a truck outside the store. The man claimed the biscuit was free since the cashier dropped it on the floor. Inside the truck, investigators found a half-eaten biscuit.

The store manager told deputies the man had been in and out of the store all night and had shoplifted a small metal tool, which they made him give back and didn’t report to police. Another clerk said she was frustrated cause she didn’t have time to keep watching the man as he kept coming in and out of the store all night.

Several pills and suspected cocaine were found while searching the subject, along with a .22-caliber revolver under the driver’s seat of the truck.

Travis Wade Blackburn, 36, of LaGrange, Ga. was charged with theft by shoplifting, narcotics possession, possession of a weapon during the commission of a crime.


Two local men were arrested following a fistfight at a bowling alley.

The wife of one of the men said she was attending a party for her husband’s employer when the other man began making advances towards her in front of her husband and his co-workers. When the two men stepped outside, they began yelling and fighting.

Both men were charged with affray.


A Senoia man faces felony charges after being stopped by police with suspected drugs in his car.

On Dec. 29, Senoia police on patrol spotted a car traveling without tag lights and made a traffic stop on the vehicle.

After approaching the vehicle, police said the driver was nervous and attempted to block the officer’s view of the passenger compartment. The driver’s speech appeared to be slurred, who said he’d been stopped for the tag lights in the past.

When asked if police could search the vehicle, the driver declined. During a field sobriety test, the driver began reaching inside his pants, despite repeated orders from police not to.

After placing the man in custody, police searched him and found a bag of syringes filled with a clear liquid, suspected to be methamphetamine, along with three glass containers with a crystal-like substance in two of them. A broken, pink pipe was also found in his pocket.

The man, identified as Tristan Patrick, was charged with no tail lights, obstruction of officers, purchase, possession, manufacture, distribution, or sale of controlled substances or marijuana, drug-related objects, and DUI drugs-less safe.