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Newnan installs new Christmas lights

  • By Jeffrey Cullen-Dean
  • |
  • Oct. 22, 2019 - 9:44 PM

After receiving various sponsorships, Keep Newnan Beautiful was able to relight all 31 trees in downtown Newnan with new Christmas lights.

Originally, the Newnan Christmas Commission’s budget only allowed eight of the trees to be relit.

The installation of the new lights will be completed by Friday, according to KNB director Page Beckwith.

The old lights had experienced damage from the elements after being installed in 2015. Most of the damage to the lights came from rainwater affecting the wiring, Beckwith said.

The new set of lights – installed by Illuminating Design, the same company that decorates the Atlanta Botanical Garden – will feature water-tight seals around the bulbs to prevent water from harming the wiring.

“That should allow the lights to maintain their weather resistance throughout the time we have them, which will hopefully be a long time,” she said. “The other lights we had to change the lightbulbs if they were affected. Having those watertight seals in the gaskets in between the light strings is beneficial and will prevent any compromise as far as the connection is concerned.”

According to Beckwith, KNB hopes to light an additional eight trees in Newnan next year.

The trees will continue to be lit on the weekends, according to Beckwith.