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You are the future of newspapers

  • By Clay Neely
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  • Sep. 15, 2019 - 5:59 AM

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Starting this week, The Newnan Times-Herald will revert to printing twice a week. We will have a Wednesday edition, and a Weekend Edition that will be delivered on Saturdays. 

The Newnan Times-Herald was a weekly paper until the 1980s, when we began printing twice a week. 

By the late ‘90s, we began increasing our printing days to meet the demand for advertising. These are often referred to as the “Golden Years” of print journalism. We actually had to purchase news stories from The Associated Press to fill the pages. 

We still cover many of the same topics today that we did 20 years ago. 

If you look closely, there are two major differences since those days: a lack of AP content, and advertising. 

The decision to reduce our printing days is based on hard numbers, not principle. The price of newsprint is going up, and the demand for print advertising is at an all-time low. 

Local and national advertisers that originally kept our paper strong are continuing to abandon newsprint, instead turning to international tech giants like Facebook and Google to handle their advertising needs. 

We remain committed to recording the history of our community, but we’re facing new challenges every day. 

The need for local journalism has never been higher, so what’s the solution? 

It’s you – the reader. 

Your investment in our paper allows us to continue our mission of telling the story of our community and preserving our history for the future. 

We’re a watchdog for government, a cheerleader for our community and a facilitator of change in a time when all news sources aren’t necessarily reliable or trustworthy.

A newspaper is a great hub for helping connect people with the right resources, and that is one of the most gratifying aspects of this profession. 

Our newspaper is your newspaper. Your questions are our questions. We’re here to serve you, our community. We are always open to hearing your thoughts and concerns about our community. 

In our effort to create a more transparent and open newspaper that reflects all aspects of our county, we’re proud to announce the creation of a community reader board, comprised of those who want to take an active role in how we cover our community. 

If you have an interest in how your community newspaper works, we want to hear from you.

Throughout our existence, we have relied on community input for story ideas, leads and perspectives. Having input from the outside is imperative to keeping our mission on target.

With a 154-year legacy built upon trust, leadership and credibility, we remain committed to our mission of delivering quality in this digital world, and we hope you’ll come along for the ride. 

For information on becoming a part of our community reader board, email  .