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Yellowfin Tuna Steaks recalled from Kroger Stores

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  • Sep. 10, 2019 - 4:52 PM

Yellowfin Tuna Steaks recalled from Kroger Stores

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The Food and Drug Administration is urging consumers not to eat yellowfin tuna steaks from Kroger stores in multiple states after reported symptoms of scombroid poisoning. 

The recall covers yellowfin tuna steaks from the seafood counter or seasoned yellowfin tuna steaks in store-prepped Styrofoam trays from Kroger retail stores in Ala., Ark., Ga., Ill., Ind., Kan., Ky., Mich., Mo., Miss., Neb., Ohio, S.C., Tenn., Va. and W.Va. with sell-by dates from Aug. 29, 2019 and Sept. 14, 2019 because they may cause scombroid poisoning. 

Scombroid poisoning is caused by eating fish that has not been properly refrigerated or preserved and therefore contains high levels of histamine. Scombroid poisoning is most commonly caused by fish that have naturally high levels of the amino acid histidine, which bacteria convert to histamine when the fish is not correctly stored, according to a release from the FDA.

Scombroid symptoms usually develop within a few minutes to an hour after eating contaminated fish. They usually resemble an allergic reaction, such as flushing of the face, headache, heart palpitations, itching, blurred vision, cramps and diarrhea. Symptoms can be treated with antihistamines. Even without treatment, people usually get better within 12 hours.

Consumers of these products who are experiencing symptoms of scombroid poisoning should contact their health care provider. Consumers of these products who have recently experienced symptoms of scombroid poisoning should report their symptoms to their local Health Department.

To report a complaint or adverse event (illness or serious allergic reaction), you can

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