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Sewer service coming to Northgate by 2021

  • By Sarah Fay Campbell
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  • Sep. 10, 2019 - 2:12 PM

Sewer service is coming to Northgate High School, Canongate Elementary School and the new middle school on Shaw Road. 

The Coweta County School System will be partnering with the Coweta County Water and Sewerage Authority to connect sewer lines to the three schools. 

The authority approved an agreement with the school system last week, though the agreement hasn’t yet gone before the Coweta County Board of Education in its final form. 

Under the agreement, the project will be completed by May 1, 2021, unless changes or unforeseen events cause delays.

Running sewer to Northgate has been the plan for several years. 

Much like the sewer connection project done at East Coweta High School in 2014, the new project will free up a large area of land at Northgate that is currently used as the drain field for the school’s septic system. It will also open up land at Canongate. 

“It would give us some additional land for usage, whether it be for parking or for an addition of some sort,” Coweta School Superintendent Steve Barker said last year. 

“Right now on (Northgate’s) campus, we’re for the most part out of usable land,” Barker said. “When you put these schools on municipal sewer, you’re able to reclaim that land to expand if you need to expand or improve parking.”

The authority will handle the construction project, and the school system will pay $4.8 million to the authority, which includes a capacity fee that allocates current and future sewer system capacity for the three schools. 

The project will start at a manhole cover on Hwy. 154 near Coweta Industrial Park, and run down the west side of Interstate 85, said Rick Jones, authority chief operating officer. They will then bore under the interstate to get to Northgate. 

The authority will have to acquire easements the entire way to place the sewer line on private property. Jones said the land in the area is in large tracts so there will only be a handful of property owners to negotiate with. 

“We’ve talked with them already to get permission to survey,” Jones said. “Everybody has been really good to deal with so far."

Jones said he hopes to have a contract for the project awarded sometime in November and to get started “just as soon as possible after that."