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Senoia setting standards for paths

  • By Sarah Fay Campbell
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  • Sep. 17, 2019 - 9:40 PM

Senoia will be implementing uniform standards for the multi-use paths built in the city. 

When large new subdivisions are built, developers are typically required to put in the paths, and the city also builds paths, which can be used by golf carts as well as pedestrians, cyclists and others.

While development agreements for individual subdivisions lay out the requirements for individual paths, there have never been any standards set down in city ordinances. 

Monday night, the Senoia City Council approved the first reading of an ordinance creating multi-use trail standards. A second vote at a future meeting is required for it to take effect. The second vote is set for Oct. 7.

Community Development Director Dina Rimi presented the ordinance at Monday’s council meeting. 

All new trails must be at least 10 feet wide, with asphalt over a compacted, 4-inch gravel base, which must extend 3 feet to the side of each path. A clear zone measuring 4 feet wide and 8 feet, 4 inches high must be maintained from the edge of the path. 

Easements for paths must be at least 20 feet wide. 

In a new subdivision, if a path is built between two platted lots, a city-owned greenbelt at least 50 feet wide must be created and deeded to the city. Clearing and grading within the greenbelt must be kept to the “absolute minimum necessary to accommodate construction of the path."

“I appreciate the work you’ve put into this,” said Councilman Maurice Grover. “It’s needed to happen for some time."