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Keep all of Newnan beautiful

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  • Sep. 08, 2019 - 7:37 AM

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THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to the individual or group that renovated the Wahoo Hill strip mall that had been an eyesore for so many years.  Someone has done a great job with a new roof, windows, painting and cleaning the parking lot.  

Much publicity has been given to groups in their projects to Beautify America and this project deserves the same.  I wish you well in finding good clients to occupy and maintain the site. 

On a different note,  isn't it time for our governing body to do something about the old Newnan House Motel?  It has been three-plus years since the owner had to tear down the office to satisfy "what." The other buildings have continued to deteriorate.   

Within the past year, a report in the NTH gave the details on a house to be demolished - dilapidated, uninhabitable, beyond repair and holes in the roof - and a bill of $12,000 plus sent to the owner. 

Is this not the same criteria for the motel -dilapidated, uninhabitable, beyond repair and holes in the roof?  

Seems like the same rules should apply to all.  This site is certainly not maintaining local efforts to educate school children to keep American beautiful.  

Perhaps the next time an elected official visits a school to plant a tree or garden, the children could be transported to the motel as an example of what happens with political neglect.


Pat Craven