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Good and Evil

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  • Sep. 11, 2019 - 7:57 PM

Good and Evil

The Newnan Times-Herald

The recent news that my favorite store, Walmart, is caving to pressure from the anti-gun lobby, discontinuing ammo sales for handgun and short-barrel rifle (code for .223/5.56 a.k.a. AR/AK style rifles) and also prohibiting those who openly carry a firearm in their stores due to the two maniacs who opened fire on innocent citizens in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, causing bewilderment and angst to my sense of logic and reasonability.

Consider, there was no report of a correlation between the mass murderers, their weapon or ammo purchase history from Walmart, or their ideological conflict or association with Walmart, so why prohibit law-abiding shoppers just trying to buy more practice ammo in preparation for self-defense encounters? 

The real answer: To pacify the emotional argument that the sale of the particular type of ammo or firearm used in mass murders must be eliminated disregarding the actual "motivation" of the mass murderer.

But a firearm is just a mechanical device requiring someone or something to pull the trigger to make it operate.

I used to give gun safety classes to elementary school students, training over 2,500 about how a gun operates. I held a pistol up and asked the kids if the gun was good or evil, and they replied in unison, “evil.” 

Then I used a vegetable cutter that required a person to strike a plunger to cut veggies into little pieces, asking after the demonstration if the chopper was good or evil, and they yelled, “good.”

I would always ask for a volunteer and placed their little fingers in the device and acted like I was going to chop their fingers into many pieces. I stopped short and asked the group if the chopper was good or evil now, then there was silent confusion. 

The focus shifted as it was not about the device, a vegetable chopper in this case, but about the operator of the device.

So, if I have proven that devices are designed and sold for particular purposes and these devices have neither a soul nor the ability to operate by themselves, then have we arrived at the “motivation” of the operator?

The FBI reported that less than 30 percent of the mass murderers have suffered from mental illness. 

I tend to argue anyone who uses a firearm, rental van, pressure cooker, explosive material, poison gas, or any of a menagerie of lethal methods to purposely and indiscriminately kill innocent people has some major degree of insanity, no matter how you physiologically categorize it. 

Can I get an “Amen” to crazy is that crazy does?

Which leads me to the condition of “good” or “evil.”

Good, in this case, are law-abiding citizens who are licensed conceal-carry warriors that have made a conscious decision to purchase, practice, and have resolved themselves to engage the enemy of a murderous attack against innocent, unarmed, unprepared private citizens.

Evil, in this case, are people who respect no law or regulation and hell-bent on killing as many people until met with lethal resistance from the aforementioned good, legally armed, law-abiding citizen.

Agreeably, businesses are well within their rights to prohibit anyone who carries a firearm, creating that well-intended gun-free zone. But remember, the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun.

I went to a bar in the Everglades that was so rough that if you didn’t have a gun, they gave you one at the door. Hey, that would be a great new job for the Walmart greeters… checking receipts, handing out gun belts. 

What’s your size, Tex?

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