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You got high from what?

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  • Aug. 14, 2019 - 7:42 PM

You got high from what?

The Newnan Times-Herald

Did y’all see this story out of Boone County, W. Va. were there have been at least three deaths caused by people using wasp spray to make some kind of synthetic-type of methamphetamine?

In fact, some stores in the area have sold 30 cans at a time.

When I was in high school, we lost our legendary marching band director my senior year to another school, and a bunch of us dropped out of the program and went around toilet-papering other band members while they were out performing. Petty crime that was quite the rush and to be ironic considering I retired from a career in law enforcement.

But anyway, I remember one time sliding no less than 60 rolls of toilet paper down the checkout conveyor belt to a surprised cashier. At least she had the presence of mind to ask us, “Why all the TP?” I was initially stunned by the question but my friend saved the day by answering, “My granny has the runs.”

Lord, I like to have busted a gut laughing at that one.

Apparently, this wasp spray adaptation has been going on for a while. In a 2018 ABC News article, it was revealed the active ingredient in the pesticides, pyrethroids, can penetrate the insect’s nervous system which stuns and ultimately kills them. In humans, it blocks proper nerve signaling – causing seizures or paralysis. Side effects include swelling of the hands and feet, excitability, heart racing, difficulty in breathing and death in some cases.

If it can “immediately” kill every wasp in a nest, what would anybody think for a hot second would be the  consequences to a human being?

While at APD, I found it amazing how people would purposely ingest all types of grocery store items just to get high. We had people punch a hole in the bottom of a Lysol can and turn it upwards to suck out the contents, chug-a-lug generic Listerine because it had 27 percent alcohol and pour Aqua Velva aftershave in white bread and slurp-up the contents on the other side.

Many times, the urban outdoorsman on my beat would rig a funnel to an empty wine bottle and pour the remaining contents of mostly finished beer cans they found in the tavern dumpsters…beer, snuff juice, cigarette butts and all. Their crude screen filter got 50 percent of the floating matter. I would imagine it tasted like beer brewed by Red Man.

While vacationing in Amsterdam, I asked a native resident there considering their own legalization of drugs, if it would work in the United States. He said absolutely not. He made me grin when he said, “The problem with Americans is, they supersize everything with the inability of moderation.” So, I guess if all drugs were legalized in the U.S., there would still be some of us that would opt for wasp spray, if only because it was cheaper.

Perhaps addiction has been added another factor to Darwin’s “Survival of The Fittest” theory. To increase the odds of survival, when asked at any stage of our life to down that shooter, take that hit or just another toke we should seriously consider the words of Nancy Reagan and… “just say no.”

Unless of course they find a way to get high on a dipped vanilla ice cream cone. Be suspicious when you see me buying 30 at a time.

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