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Reader astonished at support for Trump

  • By The Newnan Times-Herald
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  • Aug. 22, 2019 - 5:52 PM

In a recent letter to the editor to your publication, the writer suggested that he supported President Donald Trump 100 percent and – other than to point out a few questionable characteristics, he gave high marks because the president got things done in his opinion and was the best man for the job.

I am constantly astonished by the support for this president when his actions would suggest otherwise. I wonder how many ardent Trump supporters are aware or believe any of the following events and actions in the Trump Presidency?

•His open callousness and abhorrence toward migrant families, especially children who are taken and separated from their parents and incarcerated, is unforgivable as a Christian nation.

•His words and actions speak volumes about his mindset on people, often only seeking a better life, regardless of whether they are illegal or not and his open hostility toward Muslim and Democratic Congressional women members prompting his recent “send them back” outburst is a never before used tactic by any president.

•It is clear from the FBI that Russia interfered in our 2016 election cycle, and Robert Mueller’s report concerning President Trump’s impeachable criminal offenses exist even though Attorney General Barr has refused to indict because of a DOJ policy regarding the charging of a sitting President.

•He has publically called white nationalists good people and states that he himself is a nationalist, while referring to Hispanics in Mexico with words like killers, invasion, animals, rapists and predators.

•The president publicly has encouraged violence toward protestors at his rallies and refuses to call out and repudiate rally participants who loudly advocate “shoot them” (Hispanic immigrants).

•The President governs primarily by often noxious Twitter tweets that clearly undermine the Office of the President and he regularly forgoes the advice and briefings of many of his cabinet and staff. Because of his flip flopping on reopening the Federal government he nearly caused the collapse of our government and economy by failing to end the longest federal government shutdown in American history.

•Twenty-four women have come forth and accused Donald Trump of sexual misconduct. President Obama… none.

•Mr. Trump refuses to release his tax returns maybe for fear of what they might reveal. 

•Thirty-eight of the President’s top level people, including cabinet members, have resigned of have been fired. Thirty-seven criminal incitements were brought in the Mueller investigation, and five members of Mr. Trump’s close inner circle of advisors, campaign associates, including his own 2016 campaign advisor, etc. have all been convicted of felonies and sentenced or will be sentenced to prison terms for their unlawful acts. In the two terms of the Obama Presidency there were no indictments, no convictions of White House staffers, or pardons to protect government officials.

Policy decisions and political maneuvering to pass laws and serve the citizens of America are normal in Washington, but President Trump has demonstrated by his actions and words that he is not fit to hold the most powerful office in the world. Instead of bringing America together, he delights in dividing America at every turn, often blaming “fake news” for things he disagrees with or doesn’t believe happened, and he seems to be deliberately pitting us against each other.

His words and actions were brought home so markedly when he attacked and vilified Vietnam U.S. Navy POW and hero, Republican Senator John McCain from Arizona. That was enough for me.

Dennis Wilson