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Ask Miss Pearl

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  • Jun. 08, 2019 - 9:36 PM

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Ask Miss Pearl

The Newnan Times-Herald

Dear Miss Pearl,

I’m 84 years old, and my two adult daughters are already arguing over who will get what when I pass away. They have compromised on a few things. When it comes to my grandmother’s double wedding ring quilt, however, all hell breaks loose. I don’t think I will be able to Rest In Peace if they don’t come to an agreement.

Consider your daughters CALLED OUT! My word, they should be embarrassed and ashamed of their behavior. I’m so sorry that they are causing you such distress over this. Here are a few suggestions: 1.) Donate the quilt to the historical society or a museum – I’m sure they would love to have it. 2.) Threaten to have the quilt cut so that each of them can have half of it. Surely they would not allow this to happen to a family heirloom. 3.) Insist that you be buried with the quilt and inform them that they will get nothing if your request is not met. You may have to have your lawyer be executor of your will and insist that he/she be the one to close your casket to make sure someone didn’t “borrow” the quilt. 4.) Give the quilt to a friend who you know will love and cherish it. 

My brother is the executor of Mama’s will. I’m so glad he doesn’t know the difference between stainless and sterling!

Dear Miss Pearl,
My husband and I have been married for 55 years, and I am afraid we won’t make it to 56 if he doesn’t start picking up his shoes. Every night he gets in HIS chair and kicks his shoes off. There may already be four or five pairs on the floor! He will eventually pick them all up, and then it starts all over again. Please help!

Why are some men afraid of their closets? Big likes to kick his shoes off in front of his dresser and, yes, I usually end up putting them away. We, however, have not been married for 55 years. I plan to stop picking them up when we reach our 40th. What if your preacher stopped by for an unexpected visit and saw all of those shoes on the floor? He might think your husband has an illness and put him on the prayer list. We all choose our battles, and this infraction is quite minor compared to others. Whatever you two are doing must be working – 55 years is a blessing and something to be very proud of. Happy anniversary and thank you for setting a good example for marital longevity.

And Another Thing...
As I drive around town and see all of the new apartments being built and read in the paper about additional proposed residential building, I can’t help but think of the famous line from the movie “Field of Dreams”: “If you build it they will come.” Ummm, where are they coming from and how do we know they will? Are we going to be stuck with empty apartment complexes because people who already live here are just going to move to newer units? Are these new apartment complexes going to fill up with new residents to our county so that our traffic can go from horrible to hellacious? Are we really going to consider messing with historic Cole Town? Is anyone looking at the BIG picture, or do we simply trust that someone is? Asking for a friend!

“Miss Pearl,” aka Colleen Sprayberry, is one of Newnan's leading authorities on modern etiquette. She gladly lends her advice to everyone whether they want it or not, because, "After all, it's all about the children and setting a good example for them." Her videos are available on her Facebook page and YouTube channel. She can be reached at .