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English language key to American identity

  • By The Newnan Times-Herald
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  • May. 16, 2019 - 10:28 PM

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A recent headline stated: “Florida must provide Spanish-language ballots in 2020, federal judge orders.”

The article continues with the explanation that Section 4(e) of the Voting Rights Act "prohibits English-only elections for those citizens educated in Puerto Rico in Spanish.”

But the Department of Justice website fails to support this conclusion: “Section 4(e) provides that the right to register and vote may not be denied to those individuals who have completed the sixth grade in a public school, such as those in Puerto Rico, where the predominant classroom language is a language other than English.” There is nothing here indicating ballots must be multilingual! This is another example of judicial overreach.

Individuals living in the 50 United States who are eligible to legally vote have an inherent obligation to learn English. It should not be incumbent on taxpayers to supply translations of government documents. Living in a foreign language microcosm fails to assimilate into American culture, resulting in a fractured society.

What’s next? Force businesses to provide contracts in multiple languages? Multilingual traffic signs, drug bottle labels and automobile dashboards?

Our American society deteriorates daily when we fail to expect individuals to assimilate. If they want to live in a foreign environment, there are other avenues open for that.

And what of other languages? Should we include German, French and the multitude of Asian languages? Perhaps pictograms for those who can’t read any written word!

A study released by the Pew Research Center in 2016 concluded, “nearly 9 in 10 people in the U.S. ‘voice the view that to be truly American it is very or somewhat important that a person speak English.’ The report's authors conclude that of all the attributes associated with national identity, ‘language far and away is seen as the most critical.’”

The report continues, “There is virtually no difference of opinion among the three largest racial and ethnic groups in the country when it comes to language. They all connect English and citizenship.”

It’s time we stopped the Left from fragmenting our country, society and way of life, with their divide and conquer strategy. “In this strategy, one power breaks another power into smaller, more manageable pieces, and then takes control of those pieces one by one.” The left salivates and covets power and control and this is another way for them to attack America. If we aren’t vigilant, the U.S. will become another broken down unsupportable socialist country sinking into ruination like Venezuela.

Ken Schaefer