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Downtown development idea brings questions

  • By The Newnan Times-Herald
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  • May. 14, 2019 - 10:28 PM

As a resident of downtown Newnan, I am tentatively thrilled about the proposed plans for the old multi-acre warehouse.

The biggest issue in Coweta is the rural vs. urban debate, and increasing the density of urban areas means less clear cutting for subdivisions. It also means a more exciting and vibrant downtown, and a huge increase to our economy.

That said, money isn’t everything. Expanding downtown Newnan would be wonderful. Potentially changing the look of downtown Newnan would not. We cannot afford to lose our unique charm.

Would the proposed aesthetics reflect Newnan’s historic appeal and help the development look as though it’s always been here, or are we looking at a condo version of what we millennials call “McMansion Hell”?

There are many other questions to consider as well: How many stories would the development be? Would it drastically change the skyline? Would the new development include a bike crosswalk on Broad Street to connect to the LINC bike path and alleviate traffic? What kinds of green spaces would there be? Is the development designed for maximum energy efficiency? What types of shopping will become available, and will it include groceries? How long is construction expected to take?

Finally – and this is as much a question for the community as it is for the developers – how do we ensure revitalization with gentrification?

Jenny Enderlin