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Builder’s plan for Grantville has zoning issue, lacks support

  • By Kandice Bell
  • |
  • May. 15, 2019 - 11:32 PM

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A development company wants to create a residential and commercial district in Grantville, but some city council members and citizens are not in favor of the development.

In addition, zoning ordinance amendments must be made for the project to move forward.

If approved, Grantville Commons would be built on 37 acres off Highway 29 and Griffin Street. The commons would include modular homes, a senior living community and commercial space for restaurants or grocery stores.

At the council’s work session earlier this week, Councilman Alan Wacaser said he was not against modular homes, but “the development was not the direction Grantville needed to go in.”

Councilman Mark King said he was “all for the development of downtown and on Highway 29,” but he didn’t feel the development was right for the city. Many attendees agreed and applauded King’s statement.

According to City Attorney Mark Mitchell, the zoning ordinance must be amended with a definition for congregate care facilities to allow the senior housing community. The ordinance would also have to be amended to allow single-family dwellings type III – manufactured homes – in a commercial zoning district by special use permit.

Feller Holdings Inc. builds commercial developments in smaller communities that are close to larger cities and located on major roads, according to its website.

City Manager Al Grieshaber said the zoning ordinance amendments are before the planning commission for review and recommendation.

At the council’s April 22 meeting, Douglas Feller said it would be the first development of this sort for Feller Holdings, if approved. He said the company has built commercial and residential projects throughout the country.

The planning commission voted to place the item on the council’s agenda.

Feller also presented the council with a land survey map done by W.D. Gray & Associates Inc. in Tyrone.

At that meeting, Councilman Jim Sells said Feller “brought a drawing with only lines.”

Sells said he would benefit from the development, but would need more information before he would vote for it.

Feller said he asked the city what was needed and was told the map would be enough.

If the project is approved, Feller said the company would first clear the land. The next phase would be the mobile park and the commercial area. The final phase would be the senior living community.