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We Are One is about community

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  • Feb. 07, 2019 - 10:17 PM

I look forward to the We Are One Service this Sunday night at 6 at First Baptist Church.

One cannot deny the power of love in that park and downtown the night before the rally, and one cannot deny how historic it was that our community came together–  in their own ways – some at Lynch Park, some at St. Smyrna, some by going downtown and peacefully letting the people in the park know we don't need them around and letting the masked guys dressed in black that we don't need them either – unless they choose to walk with the community in peace – and showed the world how to lovingly respond to hate. 

The words of Debra Harris that night will always stick with me.  Her leadership, and that of all who have been working with her, is to be admired. Churches coming together is exactly what they should be doing. Dr. King said it, and unfortunately it is still true. 11 a.m. on a Sunday is still the most segregated time of the week. I admire any efforts to change that reality. 

I invite all to come this Sunday night. Non-believers and believers alike and no matter what your faith and your place along that path of faith. Although the churches are holding the event, for me this is about community.  Any chance to come together is good – whether through the churches, through hard conversations within our community or simply eating and playing together.

This is what community is all about. Our kids need to know what community is.  We use it or we lose it.

There are two paths to walk in this world. One of hate, one of love, and as we in Newnan unfortunately know all too well, hate isn't going away. We must do the hard work of love, education and service everyday, because, to paraphrase Bob Marley, the bad guys don't take days off.

I am grateful to live in a town with so many wonderful people who are getting out from behind their screens, getting out of their homes, and making an impact in this town.  They need help, though.

I invite all the good people of this town, ones who do not want to see community go away, those who want to kids to grow up in a little bit better world than the one's their parents grew up – I got to, so should succeeding generations – find their inner hero, and show up and serve. 

Thank you so much to those already are.  Your love is what makes a community.

Cole McSpadden