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Electing Barrow could cool political heat

  • By Clay Neely
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  • Nov. 23, 2018 - 8:24 AM

The Nov. 6 election results show our State of Georgia is about evenly split between the two major political parties.

We now face a runoff election for secretary of state and public service commissioner. I often hear about voters frustration over the two political parties not working together to accomplish the work of governing for the common good. 

About half of the electorate is suspicious of the election results because the secretary of state, Governor-elect Brian Kemp, was also responsible for statewide management of the election.

Kemp has a less than stellar record in managing Georgia’s elections infrastructure and protecting voter’s personal information from hackers. His privately recorded comments about Georgia voter participation to his supporters should concern all Georgians.

I encourage moderate Republican and independent voters consider voting for former Congressman John Barrow for secretary of state. He has a reputation and experience to move Georgia ahead with modernizing our election process after years of neglect by one party governance.

As secretary of state, John Barrow, working with the Republican controlled legislature could help the healing process following our bitterly divisive 2018 election by having a Democrat in charge of the modernization of our election process. 

Electing John Barrow, a Democrat, is a better option versus electing another member of the same party that has neglected our elections infrastructure and has regularly had to be directed by our courts to not suppress voter participation.

If voters are interested in turning down the heat of the hyper partisanship that exists today, Georgia would be well served by electing Democrat John Barrow as secretary of state.

Bill Grabill

Peachtree City