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Braille text donated to ChildrenConnect Museum

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  • Nov. 08, 2018 - 9:34 PM


The Daughters of the American Revolution donated a plaque with the Pledge of Allegiance written in braille to the ChildrenConnect Museum on Wednesday.

“This is a vision of something I wanted in Newnan for five years at least,” said Brenda Jessel, South East Flag Chair of the DAR.

A legally blind student from Evans middle school, Riley Davis, attended the small unveiling of the plaque and read the text aloud.

The DAR uses “any opportunity they get to have a representation of the flag,” said Laura Mattia, director at the museum. “The plaque helps open up peoples’ eyes to another reading and writing system.”

Braille consists of six dots in different combinations. There are two types of braille – alphabetic and contracted. 

Alphabetic braille writes out the words using each letter in separate cells. Contracted braille condenses the letters into one cell for the entire word. This is commonly used in books as contracted braille requires less space.

“I think the braille flag is very important. The people who don’t see that well can now read things. It helps people know there is freedom for all people,” Davis said.

The ChildrenConnect Museum also features a newly made conceptual mural of the courthouse in downtown Newnan made of recyclable material. According to Mattia, the museum’s leaders were keen to have the braille flag as they wanted the mural to have a tactile component.

“It gives children the chance to touch braille whether they are impaired or not,” Mattia said. “The mural of the courthouse also ties into the braille flag through government.”

The ChildrenConnect Museum is located at 30 Temple Ave.