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Two can play at that game

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  • Oct. 04, 2018 - 11:45 PM

The Democrats have no new or better ideas, but they want to obtain and retain power.

They have been unsuccessful in beneficial legislation, so they rely on the Supreme Court to defeat popular legislation; declaring it “unconstitutional” (Trump’s travel ban) and promote social change that has nothing to do with the Constitution (gay marriage).  The loss of an activist Supreme Court would mean the total loss of power if they remain in the minority of Congress.

Democrats discovered useful political tactics plucked from the pages of “Rules for Radicals.” authored by the Neo-Marist, Saul Alinsky. These strategies are used exclusively by the socialist leftists of the Democratic party that have proven extremely successful, yet destructive to our system of government, but in their efforts, the ends justify the means.

Here are a few of Alinsky’s strategies:

Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon…it infuriates the opposition which reacts to your advantage. Storyline: Judge Kavanaugh has a history of drinking to excess. Do we want a drunk to a lifetime appointment to the bench? Kavanaugh’s aggressive defense of his reputation to the Senate committee is seen – by the leftists and media –as too temperamental for that position and besides, he admittingly likes beer. There is no proof he still drinks to excess as an adult, but that’s not important, only that you think he is a drunk.

The threat is usually more terrifying than the thing itself. Do we want a sexual predator as Supreme Court judge? Dr. Ford is 100 percent sure Brett Kavanaugh almost raped her while at a party. She did not know the location of the incident. Her age varied by between 14 to 17. The events took place during a time frame that was either in the early or late 1980’s, witnessed by kids that later as adults could not recall the incident and her best friend that didn’t even know Brett Kavanaugh, and it’s taken her 36 years and the help of pro-bono legal counsel coordinated by ranking member, Feinstein (Democrat) to narrow the allegation down to sometime in 1982. Allegations not meeting the threshold of criminal law (probable cause) or civil law (preponderance of the evidence).

Pick the target, freeze it, personalize it and polarize it. Both parties (Ford and Kavanaugh) were compelling. It will take supplemental FBI investigations to sort out the matter. Kavanaugh is a drunk sexual offender, and there are other more qualified candidates waiting in the wings without this questionable personal history. The FBI takes statements but cannot make conclusions because the venue for prosecution is allegedly Chevy Chase, Maryland, and that jurisdiction does not have probable cause to initiate an assault allegation without a willing victim.

Only the activists in the Democratic party ambush Republicans at restaurants and in elevators, disrupt committee meetings by coordinated interruptions by Democrat Senate members and protestors out to get arrested. Rape accusers during the Clinton years were vilified and mocked, but Democrat accusers are treated with patience and kindness. Democrat nominated jurists to the Supreme Court are supported by Republican members, yet Bork, Thomas, and Kavanaugh are maliciously vilified by Democrats in committee hearings.

The only way Democrats will abandon the Alinsky neo-Marxist movement is to treat the Democrats in like fashion. Republicans must stop being simple-minded saps in believing the Democrats and the main street media want to be their friend. Democrats will stop their mean behavior when they are constantly playing defense and feel the pressure of unsubstantiated claims and opposition research yields embarrassing incidents of their past that make them want to play fair again.

Lucas Pepperdine