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Sound Off

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  • Oct. 04, 2018 - 11:45 PM

Sound Off

The Newnan Times-Herald

If it were not for double standards, some Democrats would have no standards.

Trump's great accomplishments too numerous to list. Dems, obstruct and delay. The end.

If Dems win house in Nov. Maxine Waters first in line to Chair House Finance Comm.

Nadler will Chair House Judiciary Comm. if Dems win House in Nov.

Are we about to confirm as a Supreme Court justice a man who gets so drunk he doesn’t remember what he did – or to whom?

A young girl once quipped, "Why are people always accusing me of doing stupid stuff?" A wise woman answered, "If you stop doing stupid stuff, people could not accuse you."

The only folks that don't like the Highway 29 Round-a-bouts are the same folks that don't know how to drive through one.

Black men and boys are STILL being killed in the streets of America who are UNARMED (no weapons). Social injustice toward minorities and excessive force by the POLICE

regarding people of color is STILL unanswered and is continuously IGNORED! Who really cares?

Newnan looks great in “The House With a Clock in its Walls.”

Look at us here in prison. We are locked up behind steel doors and bars. Now, you out there: Is this the way you want to love your life? If you said yes, you are crazy.

Witches are being found. Manafort, Flynn, Cohen, Pappadopoulos and Jeff Sessions

have already admitted involvement in Russian sorcery, even to LYING.

ESPN is now no longer televising the National Anthem for NFL games. Who really cares?

If Republicans in Congress push through with the Kavanaugh nomination without a thorough investigation, then this life-long Independent will be firmly pushed to the Democrats.

You in Washington – all of you have plenty of money, nice homes, cars, land and etc. But we’ve got people living on the streets – no jobs, nothing to eat, etc.

I think conservative values are honorable, but when cast in the light of these characters and their elected supporters selling these whoppers, any honest person can see that they are deeply un-trustworthy.

Whoever decided to put out that rancid mulch in Ashley Park the day of Fido Fest ought to get an earful. It smelled terrible while we were there!

Kavanaughing: Drinking at way too young an age; treating women like play objects; being a testosterone-filled, no prefrontal cortex, privileged, entitled male; ending up at the doorstep of the U.S. Supreme Court as opposed to in jail or dead because of connections.

Never forget why we are here on this earth. It’s to make a change from our sinful ways, to God’s way. The wages of sin is separation from God, which is death.

Republicans are not unpopular. We are just the silent majority. In November we will vote silently and watch the liberals squirm again.

Trump is doing NOTHING about the Russian cyber hacking that is STILL going on influencing the upcoming November election.