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On any given Sunday

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  • Sep. 20, 2018 - 9:01 PM

The derangement this Special Council Mueller investigation into Russian collusion of our election system has taken such a twisted liberally biased direction into what some have said is a full colonoscopy of any known associate of Donald Trump. No longer is it a pursuit of crimes committed by our foreign enemy, but has turned on its ear to direct all efforts in bringing down a duly elected president by means of connecting the dots towards obstruction of justice.

Of the 35 actionable charges discovered in the first 19-month Mueller investigation, 12 dealt with Russian military intelligence officers, 13 Russian nationals and 3 Russian companies indicted, none of which will be extradited back to America to stand trial. The remaining 7 others named in plea deals or indictments were “process crimes” which included identity theft, making false statements, witness tampering, and bank fraud. Any of those charges sound like collusion or espionage?  

Process crimes are offenses charged by a prosecutor for criminal conduct related to an investigation of a crime, but not the crime itself. These ancillary crimes provide the motivation of those whose actual involvement in the crime being targeted cannot be proved by the prosecutors but provide an escape for the defendants from serious jail time if coerced to “flip” and provide testimony against the real target of the investigation.

The real question is have these other remaining plea deals involve testifying against Russian operatives? No, they are being used to build a case against President Trump; the real target of the Mueller investigation.

While “draining the swamp” in Washington was used in campaign rhetoric, the reality is you can’t swing a dead chicken around Congress without hitting a distinguished member with a federal crime. Tax evasion, fraud, conspiracy, assault, possession of cocaine, racketeering, money laundering, and sending sexually explicit pictures to a minor to name of few. Seven legislators convicted under Obama and four so far under Trump.

Just like in the NFL, due to similar athletic skills, any team can win on any given Sunday. Likewise, is true of Congress. Given the exposure to secretive lobbyist dealings, insider trading opportunities, and general Washington criminal enterprises, the majority of the congressional membership could easily fall victim to the perils succumb by these associates of Trump.  And with Democrats calling for the impeachment of Trump (over 200 interviews pushing the idea), are they confident their own glass house couldn’t be shattered once the DOJ starts throwing rocks?

Trump is in a no-win situation. My advice to him is simple. Terminate Mueller and his cadre of Democrat witch-hunters conducting purely politically motivated persecutions outside of the obvious Russian operatives.  Terminate Director of DOJ, Jeff Sessions for failing to initiating parallel investigations against FBI investigators involved in conducting politically bias investigations and shielding Hillary Clinton and her cohorts from prosecution prior to the election. Terminate Rob Rosenstein for failing to recuse himself from the FISA process as being a witness. Pardon all 7 individuals guilty of process crimes of a politically skewed investigation. Launch retaliatory military cyber-attacks, crippling the infrastructure of any nation state that targets our election process.

Terminating a politically biased Special Council, his attorneys, and FBI agents, as well as an incompetent DOJ Director might find the Democrats flailing about the floor with their hair of fire, but if the Republicans win in the fall election. all is forgotten and Trump was correct. If the Democrats win in the fall election Trump gets impeached and we return to business as usual during the Obama daze.

Lucas Pepperdine

Newnan, GA