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Trump is draining the swamp

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  • Jul. 11, 2018 - 12:00 AM

Donald Trump is obviously a very smart man.

Jeff Sessions, our attorney general, also a smart man, was at the right hand of Mr. Trump during the 2016 primary and was, I think, was the very first to be sworn in as a cabinet member. I firmly believe that both men are patriotic Americans wanting the best for all.

The president has fired many who were not on board or were slow to be 100 percent behind his agenda. Mr. Sessions has been accused of many things except fully supporting the president, some amazed that he is still attorney general as he is behind the scenes most of the time. Many have asked for his removal, yet he is still there in the background doing what he does.

Could there have been even before the 2016 primaries, plans to “drain the swamp” and make America once more a nation of and for the People? Plans which included the Russian, FBI, NSA, Justice Dept., Dept of Education, Uranium transfer, Clinton et al, investigations.  

Plans to root out the growth of an overbearing government which was destroying the time-honored culture and traditions, the very Constitution which created this great nation. A nation being destroyed by illegal immigrants, burdensome taxes, open borders, welfare, industry and money leaving America and English not being the official language of America?

I believe a movement began a few years ago, by a few patriotic-minded people to free America from the previous 20 or so years of mismanagement and oppressive government. I believe the ongoing investigation by the Mueller team was programmed to expose the things mentioned above.  

When the time is right, all stones uncovered, Grand Juries formed, then indictments will surface and the swamp will be drained. Keep the faith, think positive and watch it happen.

Keith Crosby