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America a beautiful wonderful gift

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  • Jul. 06, 2018 - 12:27 AM

Someone once said, “It’s about freedom. America is just a beautiful wonderful gift."  
When I hear ‘The Star Spangled Banner,’ I can hardly believe that God provided a free nation like this one. There’s nothing else like it anywhere else on earth.  It may be tarnished, but it still has something good going on.” This should be everyone’s favorite holiday!
In the little parade yesterday in my beloved Newnan, I did not see one evidence of honoring those men and women who serve our country in order that we can have Independence Day.  
Our freedom is a God-given gift to us that men and women have died in order to preserve that freedom. In days gone by, the Fourth of July Parade in Newnan was THE Parade. 
It was what people stayed home from vacations in order to be there. It honored all of our first responders and it honored our military who serve and protect us. I am thankful to those I saw who were waving our flag.
I am not complaining so much that traditions are no longer important here but that we should go to a little bit more trouble to make sure that our town appreciates and honors those who are serving in our armed forces all over the world.  
They are away from their families; they are paid very little; they are risking their lives every day. Why can’t we at least acknowledge this gift of freedom bestowed on us through their sacrifices? 
If we start early enough, perhaps we could have one of the armed forces bands lead our parade along with our wonderful high school bands, and we could have a some local servicemen be the grand marshals. 
Yes, it takes work and energy and effort, but what is that compared to what our men and women in the military do every day of their lives?
My heart stood still yesterday when I stood on the LaGrange Street bridge and saw the huge American flag flying over the downtown area. Thank you, City of Newnan Firefighters, for providing that stunning evidence of our freedom in America.
The tradition of going to Moreland for the barbecue lives on! What a treat to see the little stands of arts and crafts and homemade goodies and to eat the barbecue so lovingly prepared by members of the three churches while sitting there listening to real patriotic music by the five-member band!
Thank you for all the efforts made by everyone in carrying on this small town tradition. God bless America and God bless Coweta County!   
Norma Haynes