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City Council approves Poplar Road annexation application

  • By Clay Neely
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  • Mar. 16, 2018 - 5:42 PM

City Council approves Poplar Road annexation application

Clay Neely / The Newnan Times-Herald

Several Jackson Street residents were surprised to see work beginning on a new crosswalk near Veterans Memorial Park, and the Newnan City Council agreed to halt construction and focus exclusively on the bump out.

The Newnan City Council green-lighted the next step in the annexation process for 223 acres designated for a residential subdivision into the city.

On Tuesday afternoon, the council unanimously agreed to send the annexation application to Coweta County for review where a decision will be made whether to file an objection or to request mitigation measures.  

Councilmember Ray DuBose was not present for the vote, while Mayor Keith Brady recused himself from the vote, as his brokerage firm has a relationship with the applicant.

The land, located at the intersection of Poplar Road and Yeager Road, would include light office construction along with approximately 596 single-family homes of varying sizes, according to the information submitted to the city council by D.R. Horton Planners and Engineers Collaborative.

The application will also undergo a Development of Regional Impact Review (DRI), which will also likely require mitigation measures. The county will not vote on the annexation request until the DRI is complete, according to Planning & Zoning Director Tracy Dunnavant.

A typical annexation process takes 90-120 days but this one will likely take longer due to the DRI process, according to City Manager Cleatus Phillips.  

After the city receives the information from the county and Three Rivers, the Newnan Planning Commission will hold a public hearing, review the application, and make a recommendation to the city council who will then hold another public hearing and then make a final determination on the application.  

Near the end of the meeting, downtown residents Ernest and Jan Taylor addressed the council regarding a proposed crosswalk near their home on 46 Jackson St.

Some construction on the project began recently, and the Taylors spoke on behalf of many residents in the area who were surprised to learn about the project. The proposed crosswalk would have a flashing beacon and would allow pedestrians to cross Jackson Street to the park.

Last year, the Downtown Development Authority suggested creating a crosswalk near Veterans Memorial Park and submitted a request to the Georgia Department of Transportation.

The request was approved, the city secured a contract with Southeastern Site Development and construction was supposed to begin in late 2017 but was delayed because of issues with highway standards, according to Phillips.

“We’re very proud of our city, but we’re also concerned,” said Ernest, who said the crosswalk made the area look “a little more industrial.”

“We want to keep it a neighborhood so when you come into town, you see homes and people,” Jan said. “We wanted to be good neighbors and say something.”

Although the project on the crosswalk is presently underway and the purchase of the rapid flashing beacon is paid for, council agreed to temporarily halt construction.

Council unanimously approved a motion to return to GDOT with plans to modify the bump out and not the crosswalk. The city aims to reduce the size of the bump outs and soften the radius.

In other business, council:

  • Approved an application of alcohol beverage license transfer from Eckerd Corporation to Rite Aid on 211 Temple Avenue.
  • Approved an application for alcohol beverage license to Local Provisions on 8 Jefferson Street.
  • Approved a performance agreement with Courtenay Budd Caramico for the Newnan Cultural Arts Commission for the Friends of Wadsworth Concert on April 14, 2018.
  • Agreed to exercise the alcoholic beverage ordinance for the upcoming Jazz in the Park events on June 8 and Friday, Sept. 14 at Greenville Street Park.
  • Agreed to block West Broad Street at 3 p.m. for “In the Spotlight Film Series and Touch a Truck” events on April 27 in celebration of GMA’s Georgia Cities Week.
  • Rejected of all bids received on Feb. 27 for the CAFI Building Renovations project and approved staff to re-bid.
  • Approved consideration of first amendment to a joint property agreement between the city of Newnan and the Board of Education of Coweta County to construct and maintain a section of the LINC.
  • Approved a funding source for repairs to a culvert at Pine Crescent.
  • Agreed to request from Diann Alford to hold Annual Vasculitis Walk on the same route on Saturday, Sept. 22.
  • Approved request from Newnan First United Methodist Church to hold their Annual Sunrise Service on Sunday, April 1 at Greenville Street Park beginning at 6 a.m.
  • Approved usage of Howard Warner Gym for various activities from Cobra Foundation, Conn3ct, and Edify Teens Ministries.
  • Agreed to allow the Boys and Girls Club service delivery at Howard Warner weekends from May 29 through July 20, except Memorial and Independence Day.