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Sheriff’s Office warns of new ‘jury duty’ phone scam

  • By Clay Neely
  • |
  • Oct. 23, 2017 - 10:33 PM

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Sheriff’s Office warns of new ‘jury duty’ phone scam

The Newnan Times-Herald

The Coweta County Sheriff’s Office is alerting the community that a new “jury duty” phone scam is taking place.

Over the last several weeks, authorities at the sheriff’s office have received dozens of calls about the scam.

The scammer, identifying himself as Lt. Danny McDonald, informs recipients they missed jury duty and a warrant is out for their arrest.

In order to avoid arrest, the scammer tells the victim to put a certain dollar amount in PayPal debit cards and forward them to him.

During some of the phone calls, the scammer has given the names of local judges and officials, which may further confuse some potential victims.

Absolutely no one from the sheriff's office or police department will ever call to solicit money for any reason.

How to avoid being a victim:

– Courts or law enforcement do not call consumers about jury duty. Notice about jury duty will come by mail. Hang up on anyone who claims to be calling about jury service.

– Courts or law enforcement do not ask people to provide personal information over the phone, so no legitimate caller will ask for it. You will never be asked for your Social Security number, credit card numbers, or any other sensitive information by court officers or law enforcement.

– Courts or law enforcement will not call consumers asking them to pay money for missing jury duty, so do not send money to any caller claiming to be from the court system. As noted, any communications about jury duty – even if you missed your assigned time to show up – will come by mail.