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  • By The Newnan Times-Herald
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  • May. 25, 2016 - 7:26 AM

Totally wrong: Picture this in your mind Mr. President, a group of boys talking outside the bathrooms, when another boy goes by and uses this transgender bathroom. What do you think those boys are going to do or say to this boy. Why do you want to make an existing problem worse? You are incompetent.

Nicely done: To the mayor and city council: The landscape work at Bullsboro/I-85 interchange looks wonderful. So nice to see when exiting the freeway or just driving out Bullsboro. Thank you.

No bathroom for you: The students in America who identify as non-binary are really in a pickle. Since they don't identify as male or female they can't ever go to the bathroom.

Baa, baa sheep: The Dear Leader issued an ultimatum: School principals, take down the gender signs from the bathroom walls. The Dear Leader’s liberal followers, sheep that they are, are putting so-called political correctness ahead of the safety of their own children and grandchildren.

Banning wrong types: Who would you be more concerned about going into a restroom with children, convicted sexual offenders or transgendered people? If the bathroom laws were really about the safety of children, it would ban sexual offenders, not the transgendered.

Never ends: Obama's edict on transgender bathroom use opens a plethora of opportunities. Tomorrow I will feel like a handicapped, Black, Muslim, Mexican, American Indian from Syria and I will apply for immigrant status, tax exemptions for a minority owned business, welfare and a casino license for my property. Life is good.

It’s called “grandfathered:” Since the law dictates the services provided, then a candidate does not need to have prior experience as a probate judge. The law states a candidate should have practiced law for seven years. The current judge is a “candidate” for election and should also be required to meet those qualifications.

Facts: The video you claim of white cadets was at graduation where everyone raised their fists. The black female cadets had a picture taken showing their fists raised and it wasn't at a graduation. Colonel West, who is a retired Army officer and congressman, said the women should have been punished, but because of their color they were not. Oh by the way, Col. West is black.

Awesome: Congratulations to ECHS on their performance of Bye-Bye-Birdie. They did a terrific job and all the cast and crew were outstanding. So enlightening to see our young people doing something positive. Those who saw the show were treated to a great time.

Double check: Spring is here and you see many landscape trailers being pulled by cars, trucks, SUVs and mowers in back of pick-ups. How many of these people have license and insurance to perform the work?

Bathroom rules: If you're out in public or in a public restroom and you can't figure out someone's gender, follow these rules: 1. Don't worry about it.

Ban 'em all: In the wake of this recent “terrorism,” (Egyptian Air) maybe it’s time to ban all Muslims from any airport employment, TSA, baggage claim, flight ops, maintenance and all other air travel services.

Fish wrap: The New York Times relegated itself to mediocrity many years ago as it has continued its monumental slide into irrelevance. Why? The NYT became a mouthpiece for liberals of all persuasions to promote their ideology, effectively shutting out a large segment of readers. Liberals consistently quote from their editorials.