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​Precious snowflakes

  • By The Newnan Times-Herald
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  • Mar. 26, 2016 - 7:55 AM

The devastation was everywhere, for every student to see.

We always think it will never happen here. But this one was close - Emory University to be exact, one of the top schools in the state located in Atlanta. So it would make a prime target I guess.

University officials called in counselors. Meetings to address safety concerns expressed by students were held by the administration. Students demanded “safe havens” and “trigger warnings,” whatever that is.

As Paula Camila Alarcon reportedly told one international publication, “I legitimately feared for my life. I thought we were having a KKK rally on campus.

The students were very, very fortunate.

Chalk does not kill unless ingested in massive doses. One would almost have to be smothered in it.

But that was the weapon of choice. Somebody(s) wrote “Trump 2016” all over the campus, on sidewalks, walls, all over the place.

With chalk.

And a group of students decided to, oh, what’s a good adult word, how about “freak out,” or “go into a tizzy” and claim it was a racist attack.

These precious snowflakes went so far as to demand the university president speak with them after joining arms and shouting “come speak to us, we are in pain.” I wonder if they held their breath too.

I am, unfortunately, not making any of this up.

Just so you know, according to a university spokesperson, “It’s important to note that chalkings by students are allowed as a form of expression on the Emory campus but must be limited to certain areas and must not deface campus property - these chalkings did not follow guidelines - that’s the issue regarding violation of policy, not the content.”

Not good enough for some.

“We, the Black Student Alliance at Emory University stand in solidarity with the Black and Brown students at Emory, against the intimidation, lies, and deeply rooted racism that people of color continue to face - on their campus, nationwide, and globally.”

So adding the global part pretty much covers everyone I guess.

Not to be outdone, The Emory Latino Student Organization added, “Yesterday, the Emory community witnessed an act of cowardice, when someone decided to plaster pro-Donald Trump slogans all over campus … they did not do this merely to support the presidential candidate, but to promote the hate and discrimination that goes along with him.”

And so on and so forth. Yada, yada, yada.

Again, for the record, some kids went and wrote Trump 2016 all over the place. With chalk.

Let’s go to the comments on various websites, shall we?

“I have no idea how you kids will survive once you get out in the real world. People have different opinions than you. You need to grow up, and fast.

These kids couldn’t just add the world “STOP” or erase it/pour a drink on it to wash it away? This is the greatest example yet of the dumbing down of America. Actually, with “students” like these, mankind is doomed as a species.

“Is this a joke? Get the pacifiers out of your mouths students and grow up.”

“One way to solve this kind of problem with wimpy children - two years in the military.”

“I can only hope these poor children never read the comments here. It would send them into a tailspin from which they’d never recover, poor little darlings. How on earth would they ever withstand the well earned disdain they’re receiving if a man’s name scares them so much. Little snowflakes.”

“Go find an adult to tell them to put on their big boy pants and go to class.”

What these children don’t get is they have given Trump the victory. If the very mention of his name makes them wet their pants, what does that say about them?

They also need to realize not everything is about them or race.

Until next time.

(John A. Winters is publisher of The Newnan Times-Herald. You can reach him at )