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Parapro fired after disciplining student

  • By Celia Shortt
  • |
  • Mar. 16, 2016 - 2:17 PM

A Coweta County School paraprofessional employee was fired by the school system after she allegedly disciplined a Welch Elementary School special needs Pre-K student.

Tiffany Bonilla twice placed the student in a restroom with the lights off, closed the door and told her monsters would get her, according to school and law enforcement reports.

“The treatment of any student in this manner is unacceptable,” said a letter sent home to parents from the school system’s central office. “The paraprofessional is no longer employed by the school system. The CCSS notified the student’s parents of their investigation. The school system notified the Department of Family and Children Services, and law enforcement is also involved.”

Bonilla is being investigated for child cruelty, according to a Newnan Police Department report.

Officer Ricky Tostenson said he was dispatched to the police station on March 12 in regards to the incident at Welch Elementary School and talked with the student’s mom. She told him her four-year-old daughter is a special needs child who attends Welch and had been having nightmares and started wetting the bed for about a week.

The mother also told him her daughter said her teacher was putting her into the bathroom, locking the door, turning off the lights and telling her monsters were going to get her. She reiterated that her daughter was a special needs child, and she was supposed to be contacted before any punishment was given, Tostenson said in his report.

The school system’s investigation showed the incidents happened on March 4 and March 7. Personnel at the central office were made aware of the incidents on March 11 and began an investigation, according to Dean Jackson, public information officer for the district.

Jackson said as of Monday, Bonilla was no longer employed by the school system.

No arrests have been made, although it is still under investigation.

Bonilla was a paraprofessional who worked at schools throughout the school system in addition to Welch Elementary.

Jackson said the investigation currently shows just these two incidents at Welch with this one student.

Anyone with questions can call Assistant School Superintendent Vince Bass at 770-254-2803.