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Honor King’s strategy

After last year, the United States can certainly use a dose of the nonviolent advocacy that the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. espoused. Jan. 15, 12:35 AM

​New program for urban renewal worth a try

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Jan. 14, 1:41 AM

Don’t expect to buy support

Gov. Nathan Deal may be hoping to win some support for his 2017 education proposals. Jan. 12, 9:01 PM

Deal: Stay tuned for an education solution to be announced later

We hope the wait is not much longer. Jan. 11, 8:04 PM

Judge is wrong on tuition discount for aliens

A Fulton County judge came to the wrong conclusion. Jan. 06, 6:53 PM

Sound Off

Is it too late to save Orchard Hills Golf Course?

January 13, 2017

Why don't school administration stand up for what is right?

January 11, 2017

Unless he had huge hearing aids, how would you tell which customer is deaf just by looking around?

January 08, 2017

If you're gonna fire a gun, it needs to be aimed directly at a target that is a threat to you.

January 07, 2017

Driving through the western part of Coweta is an absolute embarrassment.

Letters To The Editor

Tell Armenia to comply with international law

On Dec 29, the attack of the Armenian army across the border with Azerbaijan was effectively repelled. Jan. 11, 6:18 AM

Waitress is guilty of reckless endangerment

Much has been said about the waitress who fired her weapon at fleeing bandits. Jan. 08, 1:00 AM

​We must rediscover American ideals

How would you define American ideals such as liberty, freedom, the pursuit of happiness? Jan. 04, 11:38 PM

Kindness makes America great

Truly these acts of kindness make America great. Dec. 28, 6:26 PM

​Open containers makes no sense in a ‘dry county’

My concern is regarding this move for "open carry" of alcohol in the public areas of Coweta county. Dec. 23, 6:46 AM

Prevent Medicare voucher conversion

I urge your newspaper to editorialize against their efforts to change Medicare to a "voucher" plan. Dec. 20, 6:58 PM

Share holiday cheer with vets

It was a joy to be a part of the merry Christmas giving of gifts to veterans. Dec. 20, 6:54 PM

I’m that ‘Nobody’

I just don’t see shafting homeowners by stealing by their earned equity in the sale of their home. Dec. 18, 3:00 AM

The best Christmas parade ever

Watching our community come together on Saturday night was a dream come true. Dec. 17, 6:56 AM

Prove concern for middle class

If hardworking Americans are truly important to the new Congress, they are now in a position to prove it. Dec. 16, 6:50 AM


Alex McRae

Joining the crowd

My quest to become a better person just got easier. Jan. 15, 12:34 AM

Guest column

Rediscovering America: Martin Luther King Jr. Day

During his 13 years of service in the Civil Rights Movement, Dr. King held true to that American promise. Jan. 15, 12:36 AM

Precinct Press

Shoplifters are crafty and determined

It looked like a roadblock in search of escaped prisoners or something. Jan. 14, 1:39 AM

Guest Column

Proceed with caution

My high school driver’s education instructor asked the class what a green light meant. Jan. 14, 1:40 AM

Guest Column

How direct primary care benefits patients with chronic conditions

A new concept called direct primary care be a viable option to costly health insurance. Jan. 12, 9:01 PM

Guest Column

Don't approach the black bears

Toward the beginning of last year I took the family up to Helen, Ga. Jan. 12, 9:02 PM

Guest Column

New congressman exhibits no trepidation

This week, I had the opportunity to interview our freshman congressman from the 3rd Congressional District of Georgia, Drew Ferguson IV. Jan. 11, 8:02 PM

Guest column

Black leaders outsource responsibility

In trying to persuade Democrats to take black concerns seriously, black leaders are perpetuating the habit of outsourcing black responsibility. Jan. 11, 8:03 PM

Tom Crawford

Keep your elected officials accountable

Trump should have told his colleagues in Congress about his plans. Jan. 11, 6:22 AM

Guest Column

Flimsiness of President Obama’s regulatory legacy demonstrates deeper problems

​President Barack Obama’s regulatory-based legacy will be easy to unravel. Jan. 11, 6:22 AM


Waffle House Waitress Terminated

Waffle House Waitress Terminated

A local waitress who fired her gun at three fleeing robbers is now out of a job.

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Fire consumes home on Burpees Mill Estate

Fire consumes home on Burpees Mill Estate

The structure was an A-frame guest house and is part of the 50-acre estate that also hosts the Old Grist Mill, one of the oldest remaining grist mills in Coweta County.

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Crazy Christmas Car

Crazy Christmas Car

Coweta resident Misty Jorek decorated her car after being inspired by a friend.

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