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​Georgia Says

As our state lawmakers deliberate in Atlanta, they should look into the data of the latest Gallup-Healthways Wellbeing Index just released. It measures through 2.3 million surveys how Americans "feel about and experience their daily lives." Feb. 06, 3:15 AM

​Georgia Says

Talking about anything that is not exempt from the Georgia Open Meetings Act behind closed doors is a violation of the law. Feb. 05, 6:52 AM

​We have a shooter situation …

Imagine what people said when first told they would send more mail electronically than through the Post Office. Or they could see the people they were talking to - even if they were halfway around the world. Feb. 04, 3:55 AM

​Rants and Raves

A look back at last week’s highs, lows and whatevers: Feb. 02, 9:02 PM

​Georgia Says

While education in our state is not a moon mission gone awry, our oxygen tanks - the teachers that keep this state's ship alive - have been exploding for some time. Jan. 30, 1:42 AM

Sound Off

Where’s Waldo? Enjoyed the Burns Weekend, except I wanted to Hang with Hasco, but he was nowhere to be found.

February 06, 2016

Good or bad: Someone drew a swastika on Donald Trump's star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood. However, the police have not been able to determine if it was done by someone who hates him or supports him.

February 05, 2016

Calculated: Valerie Jarrett and the Obama’s vehemently loathe the Clintons. Sanctioned by Obama, the Justice Department deliberately and openly threw the book at General Petraeus. A pawn was spawned to willfully establish precedent and political justification for the eventual prosecution of Hillary Clinton for breach of national security.

February 04, 2016

Being presidential: Regarding David Epps’ article on presidential qualifications. In today’s world, the only one that would meet those qualifications for president of the United States is God, and He already has a job.

February 03, 2016

Consumer alert: Just had someone offer to pave my driveway while they are working on another road nearby. My scam detector went off, so wanted to warn others.

Letters To The Editor

​Munson for probate judge

With the coming election Coweta County has the opportunity to join its peers in the 21st century, we are indeed fortunate that Angela Munson, an Assistant United States Attorney, veteran of Iraq, long-time Coweta resident, wife, and mother of four, has announced that she is running for judge of the Coweta County Probate Court. Feb. 06, 3:17 AM

​Once more, a reminder

Almost all of us have heard the stories about God answering prayers, like that of the drowning man, who prayed to God to save him. Feb. 04, 3:56 AM

​When will we start to care?

Einstein said "Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity." Feb. 02, 9:08 PM

​Reviewing the reviewer

The movie review of “Carol” in Friday’s paper reveals three things about the reviewer, Mr. Jonathan W. Hickman. Jan. 30, 10:19 PM

​Trump the con man

The ghost of Donald Trump swirled around the beginning of the GOP debate, but five minutes or so into the Q&A of the candidates the tension of his absence vaporized into afterthought. Jan. 30, 10:26 PM

​Disserving Grantville’s citizens

Grantville City Hall continues to be closed on Friday, payday, the busiest day of the week. This is causing a hardship on businesses and citizens as the city controls all utilities. Jan. 30, 1:48 AM

​Support for the Newnan Post Office

I would like to respond to the Sound Off that came out in the January 21 edition of The Newnan Times-Herald. Jan. 29, 3:05 AM

​No way on U-Haul request

strongly oppose yielding to U-Haul’s request to park trucks in front of their building. Their variance request was denied in 2012, but they opted to construct their facility anyway. Jan. 27, 8:24 PM

​The faith community can play a role in solving societal issues

Sarah Fay Campbell’s article, “Local ministry of foster care proposed” is an excellent example of how the faith community can play a significant role in solving societal issues. Jan. 27, 8:25 PM

​When will it stop?

What one person receives without working for ... another person must work for without receiving. Jan. 27, 12:52 AM


Guest Column

​Shame on Chipotle

The new year is when we make promises to ourselves: to eat healthier, drink less, get more exercise, be kinder and generally improve ourselves. Burrito emporium Chipotle is doing the same. Feb. 06, 4:52 PM

Alex McRae

​Exactly what it’s worth

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders is feeling warm and fuzzy all over after finishing in a dead heat with Hillary Clinton in the Iowa caucuses. Feb. 06, 4:53 PM

John Winters

​Facts are irrelevant

I had this old journalism professor back in college who was, to put it mildly, tough. You misspelled a person’s name in a story, he flunked you on that assignment. Feb. 06, 3:13 AM

Precinct Press

​Say cheese

I am very proud, and mostly relieved, to be retired from the Atlanta Police Department now going on two years. Feb. 05, 6:50 AM

Guest Column

Lawmakers keep fighting the Civil War

You may have the impression that the Civil War ended sometime around 1865, after the Confederate armies stacked their weapons, the soldiers returned to their homes, and the Southern states were re-admitted back into the Union. Feb. 04, 3:54 AM

Guest Column

Next POTUS will reshape Supreme Court

We are in the midst of choosing the candidate from each party to run for President of the United States. Feb. 02, 9:05 PM

Alex McRae

​A quest-ionable idea

Humans can’t help it. If there’s a question, we want the answer. If there’s a problem, we want the solution. If something is just out of reach, we want longer arms. Jan. 30, 10:27 PM

Guest Column

​The world beyond ISIS

I’m tired of hearing our presidential candidates talk about ISIS. Jan. 30, 1:46 AM

Guest Column

On evaluating presidential candidates

On a recent edition of “The Five” on Fox News, Dana Perino stated that she believed that the most important characteristics for a candidate for President of the United States were “trust and character.” Jan. 29, 3:03 AM

Guest Column

Maintaining the status quo is not an option in public education

When Governor Nathan Deal created the Educational Reform Commission last January, he asked that the commission to develop bold proposals that would better prepare Georgia students for the 21st century. Jan. 27, 8:23 PM


Local pastor takes more water to Flint, Michigan

Local pastor takes more water to Flint, Michigan

St. Smyrna Pastor Tamarkus Cook visited Flint, Mich. on Monday to donate more water and attend an awareness rally.

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Bonnell Aluminum celebrates 60th anniversary

Bonnell Aluminum celebrates 60th anniversary

Remembering the past and celebrating the future was the theme Bonnell Aluminum used as they celebrated their 60th year in business on Tuesday.

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Rick Ross opens Wingstop in Newnan

Rick Ross opens Wingstop in Newnan

Rap mogul Rick Ross has opened a Wingstop in Newnan.

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