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Town hall meetings serve a purpose

Attendance has been sparse at the series of town hall meetings held by Coweta County commissioners. May. 25, 12:50 AM

Get educated about multi-sports complex

That six-to-one payback ratio is just for the first phase. May. 22, 4:51 PM

Police Week gives us reason to pause

Last year, 145 officers died as a result of their jobs, including eight from Georgia. May. 19, 6:36 AM

Keep regulations from blocking innovation

The legislature dithered over how to open the door to companies like Lyft and Uber. May. 17, 9:19 PM

The Salvation Army serves us well

What we often don’t see are the ways people are served. May. 17, 6:01 AM

Sound Off

Readers share what’s on their minds.

May 19, 2017

Where readers share what’s on their minds.

May 19, 2017

Where readers share what’s on their minds.

May 17, 2017

Where readers share what’s on their minds.

May 17, 2017

​Where readers share what’s on their minds.

Letters To The Editor

Lives at a stake

Recently I had the occasion to visit the Coweta County Animal Shelter. May. 25, 12:49 AM

Thanks to Ferguson for Alzheimer’s funding

Today, there are more than 5 million Americans living with this disease. May. 24, 4:45 AM

Enemies are attacking the U.S.

The attacks on President Trump have been disgusting. May. 24, 4:40 AM

Local congressman helps to cloud the story

As a Republican and former elected official, I believe in really draining the swamp. May. 20, 5:55 AM

Solution for Trump

​Dear President Trump, you have a problem. May. 20, 5:59 AM

Support these community centers

​A couple of weeks ago, a very nice lady invited me to spend a day at Bridging the Gap. May. 12, 6:05 AM

​Negative Sound Offs

Never have I seen so many negative, name-calling letters in the Sound Off as today. May. 10, 11:10 PM

Pass on this bad idea

The article contained the obvious answer to the question of whether the community should support the proposal. May. 10, 11:08 PM

Don’t forget the community efforts

Over the last two years, the citizens in the Chalk Level Community have raised over $35,000. May. 10, 6:02 AM

LINC would only benefit a few

​Regarding the proposed 25-mile trail, who will benefit? May. 03, 12:11 AM


Lee St. John

I feel bad about my neck, too

​There are pros and cons to being either a chicken neck or a pig neck. May. 25, 12:51 AM

Rick Jensen

The media's war on Trump

Even if you agree Trump is a jerk, the leaks are felonies. May. 25, 12:49 AM

Scott Ludwig

Covenant thy neighbor

Subdivisions have covenants. And covenants, for the most part, are just plain stupid. May. 24, 4:43 AM

Guest column

Scandalmongering is just a distraction

True journalism is dead as tabloid publishing thrives. May. 24, 4:42 AM

Walter Jones

Education sets a local rhythm

Even if you have no children in school, you can’t ignore the rhythm of the academic year. May. 19, 11:00 PM

Alex McRae

Fat and sassy

Jesus ate bread. If it’s good enough for Jesus, well … May. 20, 6:00 AM

Susan Brown

Falling for the lies

They remain content hog-scratching through the mud piles of innuendoes, overtones and implications. May. 20, 6:00 AM

Toby Nix

Make memories while you can

If it’s Doughnuts with Dad or Muffins with Mom and you can be there, be there. May. 20, 5:59 AM

Guest column

Letter to a dead addict

We’ll never fully understand why you choose drugs over life. May. 17, 9:21 PM

Precinct Press

Judges often have peculiarities when setting bail

Requiring the detailing of "probable cause" to set bond is petty. May. 17, 9:18 PM


Procession for Lt. Paramedic Michael Scott Norton

Procession for Lt. Paramedic Michael Scott Norton

Funeral procession for fallen firefighter Michael Scott Norton.

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Rockaway Rumble Strips

Rockaway Rumble Strips

Residents are asking the Coweta Commissioners to remove newly-installed rumble strips on Rockaway Road because of the noise they create.

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2017 Citizen of the Year

2017 Citizen of the Year

Pastor Tamarkus Cook, senior pastor of Saint Smyrna Baptist Church is named 2017 Coweta Citizen of the Year

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