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​Willkommen Blickle USA

We were delighted to report news of the decision of Blickle USA. Oct. 26, 7:27 AM

Make progress toward the plan

The comprehensive plan for Coweta County’s future got its final approval Oct. 23, 3:39 AM

​Enjoy the fall weather

A handful of local restaurants are benefiting from a marketing advantage on their competitors. Oct. 21, 7:32 AM

Tourism’s benefits make it worth seeking

When it comes to an economic boost, it’s hard to beat tourism. Oct. 19, 8:47 PM

Thanks for a happy birthday

We appreciate your faith in us. Oct. 18, 9:27 PM

Sound Off

Happy Birthday, that’s a blessing to live to be 107.

October 23, 2016

The only time since 1955 when the U.S. public debt went down was between the years of 1995 and 2005.

October 19, 2016

If the the federal government wanted to take over our school system, our state would be up in arms.

October 16, 2016

We the people on the west side of Newnan pay taxes just like everyone else.

October 12, 2016

I complain that my hard-working tax dollars go to a lazy person with an EBT card

Letters To The Editor

9/11 survivor inspired

Never have I heard a more inspiring speech than I heard Thursday night in the Newnan High School auditorium. Oct. 26, 7:31 AM

Crawford off base

I understand regardless of what Deal does, Tom Crawford will always find fault with. Oct. 22, 3:06 AM

Help available for stuttering

​October 22nd is International Stuttering Awareness Day. Oct. 22, 3:08 AM

Another reason to reject Amendment 1

Georgia’s children deserve better than “political monopoly.” Oct. 22, 3:09 AM

Raise the tax credit

During this hectic election season, it’s easy for yet another set of data to get overshadowed. Oct. 21, 7:20 AM

Amendment one, another view

Privatization has not worked in most areas that it has been tried. Oct. 18, 9:29 PM

Disagree with ‘premature death’ editorial

Mr. Sherman's death was avoidable and should have been avoided at all costs. Oct. 13, 2:16 AM

Coweta roads are unsafe

Narrow or no road shoulders with deep ditches are accidents waiting to happen. Oct. 13, 2:17 AM

Waiting for my ‘best thing’

I keep wondering if I will ever meet someone who can make these words true for me. Oct. 08, 8:16 PM

Swindle speaks for us on disrespect for national anthem

Thank you, thank you Mr. Swindle for expressing what most of us feel. Oct. 08, 8:23 PM


Guest Column

Two big ballot questions remain unanswered

There are only two issues that really have any suspense to them. Oct. 26, 7:30 AM

Alex McRae

Scariest. Thing. Ever.

They’ve always been a little creepy, but when did clowns turn scary? Oct. 23, 3:38 AM

Guest column

​The case for STEM education in cybersecurity

Our growing dependence on the internet and the convenience of technology is not without its challenges. Oct. 23, 3:41 AM

Guest Column

Chattahoochee Hills plans road maintenance if tax passes

On Nov. 8, we will all go to the polls for a national election. Oct. 22, 3:04 AM

Precinct Press

There’s a difference between judgment and discernment

Our law enforcement education began with lesson No. 1: assume everyone is lying. Oct. 22, 3:07 AM

Guest Column

Need-based tuition assistance can help Georgia reach its goals

​Georgia leaders want to add 250,000 college graduates by 2025. Oct. 21, 7:22 AM

Guest column

Tempers in a teacup dilute women's issues

The headline in The Atlanta Journal-Constitution last week sums up stormy presidential politics. Oct. 21, 7:31 AM

Guest Column

How the darkness consumed a president

He was the little-known and much criticized Franklin Pierce. Oct. 19, 8:47 PM

Guest column

Community Welcome House is going a mile deep

Community Welcome House is evolving to the next level. Oct. 19, 8:50 PM

Guest Column

Experience doesn’t count anymore

​If you learned you had cancer, what would you do? Oct. 18, 9:25 PM


Stefan Reinhardt tours new Senoia playground.

Stefan Reinhardt tours new Senoia playground.

Stefan Reinhardt, co-head of AMC Studios, tours new Senoia playground.

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Gathering Time St. Smyrna

Gathering Time St. Smyrna

Newnan Police Chief Buster Meadows speaks at a community forum, hosted by St. Smyrna Baptist Church in Newnan, to talk about strengthening the relationship between law enforcement and the community.

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Ugandan Thunder at Carl Miller Park

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