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Georgia didn’t sour on the GOP

Fifty million dollars is a lot to spend in the abbreviated period of a special election and runoff. Jun. 23, 6:20 AM

The public contributes to law enforcement

A couple of major raids last week demonstrate the importance of citizen involvement. Jun. 22, 2:20 AM

Those who serve us to get housing

People naturally respond better to someone they know to be a neighbor who requests lawful behavior or seeks witnesses. Jun. 16, 6:35 AM

Now you can get back to work

Hopefully King and other politicians will learn something from the episode. Jun. 15, 5:37 AM

Election-hack leak has special interest for Georgians

The Peach State is at the center of this story. Jun. 08, 6:21 AM

Sound Off

Where readers share what’s on their minds.

June 22, 2017

Readers share what’s on their minds.

June 21, 2017

​Where readers share what’s on their minds.

June 18, 2017

Where readers share what’s on their minds.

June 16, 2017

Where readers share what’s on their minds.

Letters To The Editor

Wage hike would have small impact on prices

Making the minimum wage a livable wage would help everyone and create a viable economy. Jun. 21, 7:21 AM

Apartments will enrich the developers

​The Times-Herald editorial on June 16 is illogical and incomplete. Jun. 22, 2:03 AM

Don’t over tax the more productive

Who decides what one’s fair share is? Is fair share everyone paying the same rate? Jun. 15, 5:35 AM

Drivers have lost it

Seems Coweta drivers have lost what they once had- politeness and courtesy. Jun. 14, 6:09 AM

Welcome Rotarians of the world

Downtown Atlanta will be full of Rotarians from around the world. Jun. 07, 5:57 AM

Most of us don’t pay our share of taxes

No one I know likes paying taxes, including myself. Jun. 01, 9:22 PM

Liberal innovations weaken society

The liberal agenda, demonstrated by its accumulated failures, is not good for society. Jun. 01, 9:18 PM

Atlanta needs the Outer Perimeter

Reading about traffic in Atlanta never stops because there are no solutions. May. 31, 11:52 PM

Complex’s subsidy could bind taxpayers

The consultant’s report should have included information on the potential range of taxpayer subsidies required May. 31, 12:44 AM

Lives at a stake

Recently I had the occasion to visit the Coweta County Animal Shelter. May. 25, 12:49 AM


Guest column

Let’s compare scandals, shall we?

​Let me refresh your memory of the scandals which supposedly failed to pique our public interest. Jun. 23, 6:22 AM

Toby Nix

Getting attention depends on the competition

Not long after the fire department finished its Jaws of Life demonstration, a helicopter was heard in the distance. Jun. 23, 6:19 AM

Jason Swindle

FDR and Reagan were the greatest

These men were the greatest, not because of their political philosophy, but because they were warriors. Jun. 22, 2:24 AM

Put revolutionary dead in Veterans Park

Newnan might consider rethinking the two graves for the veterans from the American Revolutionary War who are buried in Oak Hill Cemetery. Jun. 21, 7:23 AM

Trump's frankness is his best defense

It's not that Trump is ignorant of the protocols and customs which rule the wink-and-nod environment of Washington, D.C. He's aware of them; he just doesn't give a damn about them. Jun. 21, 7:18 AM

Walter Jones

The national media’s detour from objectivity won’t happen here

​Where things have broken down is in Washington. Jun. 18, 6:52 AM

Scott Ludwig

Every father’s wish

Sunday will be the 35th time I’ll be on the receiving end of Father’s Day. Jun. 18, 6:50 AM

Alex McRae

Job hunters feel the burn

​There's only one activity I like that involves being naked and sweaty. Jun. 18, 6:48 AM

Susan Brown

Comey the Leaking Caped Crusader exonerates Trump

James Comey is a victim of his own self-perception. Jun. 16, 6:37 AM

Toby Nix

Tips for discount shoppers

Try to keep the buggy in the center of the aisle at all times. Jun. 16, 6:34 AM


Best of Dads 2017

Best of Dads 2017

Best of Dads 2017

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Procession for Lt. Paramedic Michael Scott Norton

Procession for Lt. Paramedic Michael Scott Norton

Funeral procession for fallen firefighter Michael Scott Norton.

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Rockaway Rumble Strips

Rockaway Rumble Strips

Residents are asking the Coweta Commissioners to remove newly-installed rumble strips on Rockaway Road because of the noise they create.

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How do you feel about the raid at Hoops Sports Bar & Grill over the weekend?
They were breaking the law, so action was justified
The business and patrons were unfairly targeted
There was a better way to handle it
I'm not sure