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Online retailers shouldn’t help tax dodgers

Longstanding state law requires purchasers of most items to pay a sales tax on the transaction. Feb. 19, 5:59 AM

Georgia Says: Sign the beer compromise

Georgia's history of alcohol regulation is a tale soaked in favoritism, greed and monopoly. Feb. 18, 6:40 AM

A sales tax is the best option

In days, early voting will begin Feb. 27 on the next sales tax for local schools. Feb. 16, 2:16 AM

Here’s why we report on liberals

​A number of comments in Sound Off have complained about liberal columnists. Feb. 12, 1:18 AM

Ruling on immigrant ban troubling

The reliably liberal 9th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals used bizarre logic this week, Feb. 12, 1:18 AM

Sound Off

Readers share what’s on their minds.

February 18, 2017

Readers share what’s on their minds.

February 17, 2017

Readers share what’s on their minds.

February 16, 2017

Readers share what’s on their minds.

February 15, 2017

Readers say what’s on their minds.

Letters To The Editor

Move back to Senoia, cleanse your mind

​My reaction to President Donald Trump’s election has been entirely different than that of guest columnist Amanda Dennis. Feb. 19, 5:57 AM

This time, no ESPLOST

​It’s time we told government no to their spending. Feb. 18, 6:38 AM

Why didn’t liberals protest Obama?

My question is: Where were these demonstrators when Obama was in office? Feb. 17, 5:00 AM

Toll lanes equal double taxation

​A new highway Express Lane recently opened with more coming. Feb. 17, 5:02 AM

Woodham is right, Butcher wrong

I stand with Martha Woodham in her response to the “hate” column she referred to by Joe Butcher. Feb. 16, 2:06 AM

Question for NIMBYs

The modern-day expression is “Not in my backyard.” Feb. 10, 12:38 AM

Why give march coverage?

The signs on national news were full of vulgarity, body parts. Feb. 08, 6:36 AM

March deserved the coverage

Thank you for giving the article about the Women’s March and March for Social Justice the front-page coverage it deserved. Feb. 08, 6:38 AM

Butcher should stick to police stories

I’m sure I’m not the only NTH reader who would appreciate it if you would stick to your stories about Atlanta’s finest. Feb. 04, 5:03 PM

Schaefer misquoted me

I am, in fact, a proponent of affordable housing. Feb. 04, 12:58 AM


Alex McRae

Danger! Danger!

In 1977, Star Wars hit the big screen and made R2-D2 and C-3PO the world’s favorite robots. Feb. 19, 5:58 AM

Scott Ludwig

Bus Theory

​At work we have something we refer to as the “Bus Theory.” Feb. 18, 6:40 AM

Guest column

Young immigrants are vital to Ga. workforce

A new federal crackdown threatens havoc for tens of thousands of young Georgians. Feb. 17, 5:01 AM

Toby Nix

Missing the beach

Right around this time of year I start going into withdrawals from the beach. Feb. 17, 5:04 AM

Jason Swindle

The empty chair

​In the inner sanctuary of the Supreme Court of the United States, there is an empty chair. Feb. 16, 2:12 AM

Guest Column

Let's focus on change and not personalities

As a nation, we appear politically divided over everything from elections to bathrooms. Feb. 15, 6:25 AM

Guest column

Tax code must be changed for free-enterprise system

When it comes to changing our tax code, Washington should trust the free-enterprise system. Feb. 15, 6:26 AM

Alex McRae

The Big Chill(er)

​President Trump will soon meet Russian President Vladimir Putin face to face. Feb. 12, 1:19 AM

Scott Ludwig

Breathing fire

My grandson played on a basketball team for the first time when he was in first grade. Feb. 11, 6:44 AM

Precinct Press

Walking trails have costs besides the upfront ones

There are those who feel my written opinions must be about police issues in the purest sense. Feb. 11, 6:45 AM


Rockaway Rumble Strips

Rockaway Rumble Strips

Residents are asking the Coweta Commissioners to remove newly-installed rumble strips on Rockaway Road because of the noise they create.

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2017 Citizen of the Year

2017 Citizen of the Year

Pastor Tamarkus Cook, senior pastor of Saint Smyrna Baptist Church is named 2017 Coweta Citizen of the Year

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Stack Demolition at Plant Yates

Stack Demolition at Plant Yates

Georgia Power officially retired its 830-foot-tall stack at Plant Yates by controlled demolition, a move Southern Company is making to diversify its portfolio of energy services.

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