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Shopping – and thinking about shopping

Shopping – and thinking about shopping

Elizabeth Crain told me she thought every 8-year-old girl should have a credit card. Oct. 22, 8:52 AM

Thinking about newspaper carriers… and news

International Newspaper Carrier Day … pays tribute to those intrepid folks who get up in the night to deliver newspapers. Oct. 07, 3:06 PM

‘Real Newspapers … Real News’

‘Real Newspapers … Real News’

It’s National Newspaper Week, and I’m excited about it. Sep. 30, 5:12 PM

It’s time for us to build that playground

With the playground at Howard Warner, we give more than just a slide and a swing. We give a bit of what childhood should be – carefree, fun, free-flowing. Sep. 23, 12:03 AM

From the publishers’ desk

We’re all in this together

We’re a community paper, which means this is your paper, too. Sep. 19, 9:06 PM

Sound Off

Where readers share what’s on their minds.

October 18, 2017

​Where readers share what’s on their minds.

October 15, 2017

Where readers share what’s on their minds.

October 11, 2017

Where readers share what’s on their minds.

October 08, 2017

Where readers share what’s on their minds.

Letters To The Editor

Keg Creek project not in spirit of Senoia’s plan

I was very disappointed in Monday night's public hearing. Oct. 19, 9:11 PM

Second Amendment for our own protection

Our Forefathers created the Second Amendment to protect us from predatory government and to defend us from other predators. Oct. 18, 10:05 PM

A community that cares

​It is heartbreaking to see families struggling to make ends meet. Oct. 18, 10:03 PM

Sports coverage is uneven

I am more and more becoming dissatisfied with the NTH sports coverage, primarily football. Oct. 17, 5:53 PM

Flag a reminder that someone paid a price

I have served in two wars for you, my family, for my country. Oct. 14, 5:09 PM

Intelligence committee lacks patriotic intelligence

If we remain strong, voice our support, and believe, I think we can return the United States to its proper place in this World. Oct. 12, 7:49 PM

Even president has a right to his opinion

I like your “sound off” section found on the Opinion page. Oct. 11, 8:22 AM

Coach shares ideas on school classifications

Coach Jim Nobles Oct. 05, 10:07 PM

Government should not be in health care business

Y'all want to be Venezuela? Once there, "choices" are which bread line you stand in. Just sayin'. Oct. 03, 8:46 PM

Proud to see the flag waving on Hal Jones

Proud to see the flag waving on Hal Jones

As I was driving home on Sept. 26, this young man caught me by surprise. Sep. 30, 5:09 PM



“many preventive measures were taking place in the 19th century to prevent premature burial.” Oct. 22, 8:54 AM

Healthy living?

Healthy living?

When people get hungry enough, they’ll pick up food wherever they run into – or over – it. Oct. 22, 8:53 AM

In the name of… Toby

In the name of… Toby

“There were never any keychains or coffee mugs personalized with the name ‘Toby’ in any souvenir shops.” Oct. 19, 9:07 PM

My grandfather’s son

My grandfather’s son

… in law and politics, accusations alone will tarnish a person. Oct. 19, 9:09 PM

The Summer of Love

The Summer of Love

Here is what I was doing to support the hippie movement in 1967. Oct. 18, 10:04 PM

DACA and globalization

In terms of economic self-interest, U.S. taxpayers have already invested in these young people. Oct. 18, 10:02 PM

Shootings: When will the time ever be right to act?

We have more guns per capita than any other democracy. We also have far more shootings and homicides per capita, mostly of innocent people. Oct. 17, 5:54 PM

Risking life and limb for liberty

The image of former slave Harriet Tubman will soon grace America’s twenty dollar bill, and for very good reason. Oct. 17, 5:49 PM

W. Winston Skinner

McCain to go down in history as a hero

To me, John McCain already deserves the title “hero.” Oct. 14, 5:08 PM

Alex McRae

Flat out wrong

During my lifetime I have waded through an ocean of tears and suffered more disappointments than the Atlanta Braves bullpen. Oct. 14, 5:10 PM


Taste of Newnan Fall '17

Taste of Newnan Fall '17

The Taste of Newnan Fall ’17. Photos:

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Police pursuit through Newnan 6.29.17

Police pursuit through Newnan 6.29.17

Officer Kyle LaChance pursues a fleeing vehicle through Newnan.

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Best of Dads 2017

Best of Dads 2017

Best of Dads 2017

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