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Praise the job creators

​Congratulations to Dogwood Veterinary Hospital and Laser Center for being named the Small Business of the Year by the Newnan-Coweta Chamber, taking the prize from the 150 nominations. Aug. 27, 7:35 AM

Remember you read it here first

In recent weeks, many of the stories published first here in The Newnan Times-Herald have been re-published or duplicated in other media, yet you’ve had the good sense of subscribing to the original source. Aug. 26, 7:14 AM

Our Miss America has represented us well

​In a couple of weeks, Betty Cantrell of Warner Robins will crown the new Miss America and end her own rein as Georgia’s national sweetheart, if she’ll accept that accolade despite being somewhat of a feminist. Aug. 25, 7:03 AM

Make sure your address is posted

​There is a notion that posting a reflective street number on the curb or mailbox detracts from the esthetics of a home’s curb appeal or conflicts with a homeowners association edict for conformity, but that’s not a belief shared by emergency responders, delivery drivers or newspaper carriers. Aug. 25, 7:02 AM

Welfare work requirement is on target

News spread rapidly when we reported that starting Jan. 1 local food stamp recipients here and in 20 other counties will have to work for their food, quite literally, and we applaud the new development as far as it goes. Aug. 24, 1:36 AM

Sound Off

Today's paper did not have one put-down in the sound off section. I guess there’s hope for this paper and town yet. Keep up the good work

August 25, 2016

A recommendation from Tony Samuels, a state senator from Surrey, England, on his visit to Newnan scouting business opportunities: The perfect campaign song for the U.S. presidential campaign is the WWII-era “Nellie the Elephant.” Find it on YouTube.

August 18, 2016

​What is being built on the west side of Highway 29 just south of Arbor Springs? Noticed clearing there on Tuesday.

August 14, 2016

Even with three movie theaters locally, we still do not get all of the newly released movies.

August 12, 2016

After giving a $100 bill, the manager told me my money was too distressed-looking to take.

Letters To The Editor

Don’t give a pass on work requirement

Once again, government obfuscates a simple concept and violates the law of unintended consequences. Aug. 24, 1:37 AM

​‘Consensus’ on tax hike skewed by county employees

On Tuesday Aug. 16th at 6:00 p.m., I attended the third and final county commission hearing on whether to maintain or roll back the current millage rate Aug. 19, 7:19 AM

Does anyone remember?

​Does anyone remember when Marianne Thomasson was actively working and with Billy's help, running The Newnan Times-Herald? Aug. 18, 7:18 AM

Grenzebach, chamber got proactive about safety

I am writing this letter in response to the article from July 16, 2016 titled “Safety Inspectors Visit Some Employers More Than Others.” Aug. 12, 10:14 PM

​Nuclear decision was wrong one

As we are moving more and more towards renewables anyway, such a large-scale, long-term investment in an energy source without the longevity of renewables is wasteful and counter-productive. Aug. 12, 10:15 PM

​Chairman makes case for county tax rate

Despite the development activity in the local economy during the last year, major revenue sources for county services have continued to decline. Aug. 10, 6:08 AM

​Blue bows show support

There is no time limit on showing gratitude and deep appreciation to those who are ready to serve you at all times. Aug. 06, 7:25 AM

​Response to high taxes

The public was and continues to be invited to attend these hearings. Aug. 06, 7:26 AM

​A proud teacher cheers colleagues

I have always been proud to be a teacher, and even though I am retired from the classroom, a large part of my heart remains there. Aug. 04, 6:58 AM

Learn to embrace each other

I can't help but wonder and worry about our country's future. Jul. 29, 7:02 AM


Alex McRae

The lawman is ‘ordinary folk’

I’m a sucker for good stories. During a recent visit to Nashville, I found a bunch. Better yet, I got to meet the storyteller. Aug. 27, 10:11 PM

Loran Smith

Farewell to Newnan’s Bonnie Jarrard

You never know when you are going to be the victim of bad news in life, and it was hard to smile as we packed for the trip, knowing that one of our favorite families was grieving. Aug. 27, 10:15 PM

Guest Column

Ryan Lochte, we are hiring

​It’s rather poetic that while you have lost millions in endorsements the one company that has kept its partnership with you is a mattress company. I know that even now you have had several nights to sleep on your experience in Rio. Aug. 27, 7:36 AM

Guest Column

Lower the hurdles to economic opportunity for Georgians

Once, Georgia’s most alarming criminal-justice statistic was that one resident in 13 was under correctional supervision – imprisoned, jailed, on parole or on probation. Aug. 27, 7:34 AM

Precinct Press

Retired pilot’s passion led to safety enforcement

With school starting back in session and all the school buses running up and down our roads, I can't help but think back to a man that liked to have pestered me to death about motorists passing stopped school buses Aug. 26, 7:16 AM

Guest Column

Ga. must commit to elementary-school skills

It’s true there are no silver bullets in education – no single change that will set every student on the path toward success. Aug. 26, 7:15 AM

Guest Column

Local service has the bigger impact

Every four years, the nation becomes embroiled with excitement and positive outlook as the campaigning for the election of the United States president gets into full swing. Aug. 25, 7:04 AM

Guest Column

Here's a lesson for politicians

It’s generally considered impolite to take pleasure in other people’s misfortunes, but sometimes you have to make an exception. Aug. 24, 1:38 AM

Alex McRae


If shoe shopping were an Olympic sport, I wouldn’t rate a medal made of tin. Mostly because I buy shoes about as often as the Olympics roll around. It’s just too much trouble. Aug. 20, 7:15 PM

Guest column

Georgia officials were right to keep the nuclear door open

The Georgia Public Service Commission (PSC) recently decided to maintain the nuclear energy option for the state while also increasing renewables-based power generation. Aug. 20, 6:35 AM


Gathering Time St. Smyrna

Gathering Time St. Smyrna

Newnan Police Chief Buster Meadows speaks at a community forum, hosted by St. Smyrna Baptist Church in Newnan, to talk about strengthening the relationship between law enforcement and the community.

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Ugandan Thunder at Carl Miller Park

Parker Madliak Remembered

Parker Madliak Remembered

In this short, court-ordered documentary, the brief life of Parker Madliak is honored, and the dangers of texting and driving are addressed.

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