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The homeless in our backyard

Homelessness is not a new problem in Coweta County. Jan. 30, 11:37 PM

Editorial: Time for a clean funding bill tradition

It is unfair for citizens – and particularly families who have a federal employee breadwinner – to have to hold their breath for 10 days every time this issue comes up. Jan. 23, 9:46 PM

Coweta covered by ice and snow… and The Newnan Times-Herald

Today, you might be getting your paper a little later than you’re accustomed to. Jan. 17, 9:14 PM

Remembering Barbara Tucker … the right way

Barbara Tucker was one of those people who make themselves the glue that holds their town together Feb. 06, 11:08 AM

Small town news

I was made aware of newsiness in Senoia, Grantville, Moreland, Sharpsburg and Luthersville Oct. 28, 3:53 PM

Sound Off

Where readers share what's on their minds.

February 17, 2018

Where readers share what's on their minds.

February 16, 2018

Where readers speak their minds.

February 15, 2018

Where readers go to share their thoughts.

February 13, 2018

Where readers share what's on their minds

Letters To The Editor

Poetic plea for change following school shooting

ENOUGH! She cried as she turned on the news today Feb. 20, 7:50 PM

Time to take action on mental hospital

We have many here who would benefit greatly from having help offered by a mental hospital. Feb. 20, 7:52 PM

Give to your local humane society

It’s easy to confuse local shelters with the national group. Feb. 15, 11:54 PM

Let’s help the homeless

We can change the face of homeless families. Feb. 15, 4:24 AM

Reader concerns about church’s plans

As of Saturday, Feb. 3, many of the neighborhood residents had never heard of this possible closing. Feb. 13, 9:44 PM

An alternative for Central Baptist Church

Brown Street is a street that I use frequently as do many, many other west side downtown residents and those who visit our downtown. Feb. 13, 9:48 PM

Electorate is danger to the nation

Just imagine, with a little help, America may recover and lead the World in all things which matter to humankind. Feb. 13, 9:34 PM

School tax, commission chairmanship, SPLOST raise concerns

There have been several aspects in local government that have compelled me to speak up. Feb. 07, 6:46 PM

Actions on Nunes memo troubling

​Paul Ryan said the action of releasing the “Nunes memo” was the “legitimate process of oversight.” Feb. 07, 6:45 PM

Democrats show dark side at State of the Union

Democrats obviously believe that Kennedy is their poster boy coming to the rescue. Feb. 07, 6:47 PM

Just fine

Scott Ludwig

Just fine

I suck at funerals. You may have read that sentence before. Feb. 20, 8:08 PM

Ask Miss Pearl

Ask Miss Pearl

We recently received the invitation list for our parents' 50th wedding anniversary from Mama and she has invited entirely too many people. Feb. 17, 6:11 PM

Looking for love

Alex McRae

Looking for love

Why get a flu shot? Magnetized boxers will knock that nasty virus right out. Feb. 17, 6:12 PM

TDR could be part of rural integrity’s future

Winston Skinner

TDR could be part of rural integrity’s future

Using TDR could make it more feasible for people to farm, raise timber or simply hold on to open land. Feb. 17, 6:14 PM

Women – the weaker sex?

Toby Nix

Women – the weaker sex?

​Your ears are better used for hearing than they are for handles. Feb. 16, 8:24 AM

Lawrence Reed

Remember this guy on Presidents’ Day

He wouldn’t even recognize his own party if he were around now. Feb. 15, 11:57 PM

Guest column

The perfect pandemic: A deadly flu and an anti-science movement

It was a time when a new way of thinking was hotly resisted because it clashed with the way things were always done. Feb. 15, 4:21 AM

A Blind Squirrel

A Blind Squirrel

I can still do math problems in my head – just not as fast as before, sort of like my running. Feb. 13, 9:27 PM

Dear Miss Pearl

Dear Miss Pearl

Miss Pearl is one of Newnan's leading authorities on modern etiquette Feb. 10, 3:06 PM

The passing of an era

The passing of an era

While the loss of Eb Evans signals the end of an era in my own family, and I reminded that – seen through a bigger lens – life is a continuing experience. Feb. 10, 3:05 PM


Plant Yates Demolotion: Units 1-5

Plant Yates Demolotion: Units 1-5

Georgia Power removes power plant structure at Plant Yates, Units 1-5

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Celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas

Celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas

Coweta County Fire Rescue, Newnan Fire Department and the local chapter of the American Red Cross will be installing new smoke alarms in homes across the county.

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Taste of Newnan Fall '17

Taste of Newnan Fall '17

The Taste of Newnan Fall ’17. Photos:

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