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The homeless in our backyard

Homelessness is not a new problem in Coweta County. Jan. 30, 11:37 PM

Editorial: Time for a clean funding bill tradition

It is unfair for citizens – and particularly families who have a federal employee breadwinner – to have to hold their breath for 10 days every time this issue comes up. Jan. 23, 9:46 PM

Coweta covered by ice and snow… and The Newnan Times-Herald

Today, you might be getting your paper a little later than you’re accustomed to. Jan. 17, 9:14 PM

Remembering Barbara Tucker … the right way

Barbara Tucker was one of those people who make themselves the glue that holds their town together Feb. 06, 11:08 AM

Small town news

I was made aware of newsiness in Senoia, Grantville, Moreland, Sharpsburg and Luthersville Oct. 28, 3:53 PM

Sound Off

Where readers share what's on their minds.

March 22, 2018

Where residents share what's on their minds

March 21, 2018

Where readers go to share what's on their minds.

March 11, 2018

Where readers go to speak their minds.

March 04, 2018

Where readers share what's on their minds.

Letters To The Editor

Parkland students asking good questions

More responsiveness to, 'see something, say something.' Mar. 22, 7:45 AM

Reader likes columns, not cartoon

Loved Mr. Butcher’s article in The Newnan Times-Herald. Really appreciate his work. Mar. 15, 9:34 PM

A suggestion on school safety

In school, when I was young, it was about staying out of trouble. Now in school, it's about staying alive. Mar. 14, 10:54 PM

Who is not to blame in Fla. shooting?

“Parkland” is now synonymous with Sandy Hook, Columbine and Orlando. Mar. 13, 9:40 PM

Crime an ongoing problem in greater Atlanta

We can build impressive stadiums and court the likes of Amazon and Mercedes Benz to come to our city. However, if our city is rotting behind the shiny facade, what are we really? Mar. 07, 11:09 PM

Trump is best president since Reagan

Why do all the women, white and black, wait 20 years before saying anything? Mar. 06, 6:53 PM

Wood family reunion is inspiring

The Wood family reunion should be an inspiration to all of us. Mar. 06, 6:54 PM

James, Durant comments not worth a listen

LeBron James and Kevin Durant, two avowed anti-Trumpers with questionable political savvy and limited IQ had something to say. Mar. 06, 6:55 PM

Change in thinking needed to stop deaths from guns

I take no pleasure in writing this. It is only an effort to get you to see the fallacy in more gun laws and bans. Mar. 06, 6:56 PM

Trying to find blame for school shootings

​Everyone seems to be looking for someone/some thing to blame for the mass shootings in schools. Mar. 06, 6:59 PM

Hope, memory bound up in pecan trees

Toby Nix

Hope, memory bound up in pecan trees

​I planted two pecan trees this weekend in our yard. Mar. 23, 5:47 AM

George Eastman’s Box Brownie

Lawrence Reed

George Eastman’s Box Brownie

Humans recorded fleeting moments of their lives at least one trillion times over the course of 2015. Mar. 23, 5:48 AM

Drunks are intoxicating

The Precinct Press

Drunks are intoxicating

​Drunks took up plenty of my time at the Atlanta Police Department. Mar. 23, 5:44 AM

Charlie Harper

Georgia ready for luck with transit

Five years ago, it wasn’t easy to engage folks at Georgia’s Capitol in a serious conversation about transportation. Mar. 22, 7:48 AM

John A. Tures

Helping college students actually PROSPER

America is falling behind the rest of the world in college grads. Mar. 22, 7:48 AM

Guest column

We have the jobs, Georgia needs you to come to work

There could not be a better time to be a job seeker in Georgia’s 3rd District. Mar. 20, 7:43 PM

The toast

Scott Ludwig

The toast

It was a tradition to get together with my best friend Stan in my room on Friday nights. Mar. 20, 7:46 PM

When the stars aligned

Lee St. John

When the stars aligned

There is only ONE fictional event. Which one is it? Mar. 20, 7:50 PM

Praying North Korea strategy brings freedom

Winston Skinner

Praying North Korea strategy brings freedom

​I’m not sure how long I’ve kept a prayer journal. Mar. 18, 5:39 AM

A student’s best friend?

Alex McRae

A student’s best friend?

People want to know how the Parkland shooting could have happened. Mar. 18, 5:38 AM


Theft Suspect Wanted

Theft Suspect Wanted

Investigators believe a man with local ties intentionally stole the wallet of a disabled senior citizen after he accidentally dropped it.

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Plant Yates Demolotion: Units 1-5

Plant Yates Demolotion: Units 1-5

Georgia Power removes power plant structure at Plant Yates, Units 1-5

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Celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas

Celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas

Coweta County Fire Rescue, Newnan Fire Department and the local chapter of the American Red Cross will be installing new smoke alarms in homes across the county.

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