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School sales tax passage shows forward thinking

Coweta County voters made a smart decision Tuesday. Mar. 23, 6:26 AM

Georgia Says

Domestic violence is often a vicious cycle that must be stopped. Mar. 22, 6:16 AM

The history of Georgia peaches offers lessons

The peach is an icon for the state. Mar. 16, 2:36 AM

Georgia says

​​The Brunswick News on broadcasting state legislative committee meetings. Mar. 02, 8:36 PM

Democrats take on a destructive tactic

It’s no secret that Democrats aren’t happy with the outcome of the fall election. Feb. 28, 11:07 PM

Sound Off

Readers share what’s on their minds.

March 26, 2017

Coweta County should take great pride in our Fire and Rescue Department.

March 25, 2017

Why do all of these filming crews come to Newnan?

March 24, 2017

Readers share what's on their minds.

March 22, 2017

Readers share what’s on their minds.

Letters To The Editor

​Galloway has facts

Ms. Parfitt, and perhaps other readers, might want to read the report Ms. Galloway summarized. Mar. 30, 6:08 AM

Fix the break-ins of firefighter cars

What will be done to protect the vehicles of those who risk so much for us? Mar. 30, 6:09 AM

​Commonsense ideas can cut health care costs

Our health care system is broken. Mar. 28, 9:20 PM

Column critical of ‘medical marijuana’ is uninformed

How can your publication allow someone to write such garbage, lies and ridiculous information? Mar. 24, 1:17 AM

Ignore scare tactics used to push ESPLOST

Taxpayers should neither tolerate nor be intimidated by such scare tactics. Mar. 18, 6:30 PM

​A Republican universal health care plan?

Turns out, most people actually like Obamacare. Mar. 18, 6:31 PM

Students: Support E-SPLOST

We have seen firsthand some of the needs that ESPLOST can help address. Mar. 18, 6:31 PM

Support apprenticeship program with ESPLOST vote

In particular, I am excited about the apprenticeship program. Mar. 18, 3:05 AM

​​High-quality health care field requires a high-quality local school system

In recent years, Coweta County has enjoyed a growing reputation as a health care destination. Mar. 17, 6:48 AM

There’s a surprising number of liberals in Coweta

You should not have the quantify news coverage and viewpoints from both sides. Mar. 16, 2:48 AM


Guest Column

Galloway misinformed on medical marijuana

Cannabis, particularly medicine, tends to bring together the political left and the right. Mar. 30, 6:07 AM

Jason Swindle

Cross your Rubicon

Throughout our lives, we pause at rivers or other barriers. Mar. 30, 6:10 AM

Guest Column

Obstructionism: The left’s raison d'être

The hypocrisy of the left is simply astounding. Mar. 28, 9:19 PM

Guest column

Medical marijuana is working

This is not about recreational use. Mar. 28, 9:21 PM

Alex McRae

My kind of place

Opposites attract. That’s one reason I like Jimmy Buffett. Mar. 25, 11:52 PM

Walter Jones

The ‘secret’ was well-kept

Just 4 percent showed up at the polls, but two out of three who did supported the tax. Mar. 25, 11:53 PM

Guest column

Keeping our promise to repeal Obamacare

For 25 years, I practiced dentistry in Georgia’s 3rd District. Mar. 25, 11:56 PM

Lee St. John

Trust reliable sources for long-range plans

I can’t tell you how much I am enjoying my job with the Newnan Times-Herald. Mar. 25, 3:37 AM

Scott Ludwig

Victory shouldn’t hang on a coin toss

I believe I’ve given fans of the Atlanta Falcons enough time to get over their astonishing loss. Mar. 25, 3:38 AM

Toby Nix

Time for some new ‘old sayings’

I think it’s time we came up with some new “old sayings." Mar. 24, 1:21 AM


Procession for Lt. Paramedic Michael Scott Norton

Procession for Lt. Paramedic Michael Scott Norton

Funeral procession for fallen firefighter Michael Scott Norton.

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Rockaway Rumble Strips

Rockaway Rumble Strips

Residents are asking the Coweta Commissioners to remove newly-installed rumble strips on Rockaway Road because of the noise they create.

Play Video

2017 Citizen of the Year

2017 Citizen of the Year

Pastor Tamarkus Cook, senior pastor of Saint Smyrna Baptist Church is named 2017 Coweta Citizen of the Year

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The Republican effort to repeal and replace Obamacare has failed. Will they eventually be able to pass a new health care plan?
Yes, but it will take some compromise and careful planning
No, the country is just too divided to reach an agreement
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