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Give with a bang for several good causes

​Consider the visibility of this event as a reminder to give. Apr. 28, 6:19 AM

Trump’s tariff on Canadian lumber could help here

Georgia has been described as “the Saudi Arabia of pine trees.” Apr. 27, 6:01 AM

Town hall meetings provide outlet for LINC views

​Two of the most far-reaching proposals before local citizens are the chief topics of discussion Apr. 26, 2:05 AM

Test helps immigrants integrate into communities

The subject of immigration has been a sore one in recent years. Apr. 21, 12:36 AM

Planning retreats should focus on roads

Each of the panels devoted some time to transportation. Apr. 12, 6:17 AM

Sound Off

Where readers share what’s on their minds.

April 27, 2017

Where readers share what’s on their minds.

April 26, 2017

Where readers share what’s on their minds.

April 22, 2017

Where readers share what’s on their minds.

April 21, 2017

Where readers share what’s on their minds.

Letters To The Editor

A inventory’s life provides a life lesson

There was a very interesting obituary in the news the other day. Apr. 28, 6:16 AM

Don’t let Trump cut transit spending

Congress should reject President Trump's proposal to gut federal support for public transportation. Apr. 26, 2:13 AM

Subs do more than babysit

I had the honor and pleasure to "babysit" for over eight years. Apr. 22, 9:46 PM

Don’t outsource inspectors

he quality of the homes Coweta County citizens are buying has a larger effect in the future than the county saving a few dollars. Apr. 19, 12:55 AM

Gardeners thank plant sale supporters

Thanks go to the many MGEVs who spent hours on this project. Apr. 14, 11:46 AM

Setting record straight on DARE

D.A.R.E. has been successful because we’ve worked cooperatively with law enforcement agencies since 1983. Apr. 05, 10:04 PM

​LINC would benefit only special interests

The Newnan LINC path project is the latest special-interest promotion. Mar. 30, 7:58 PM

​Galloway has facts

Ms. Parfitt, and perhaps other readers, might want to read the report Ms. Galloway summarized. Mar. 30, 6:08 AM

Fix the break-ins of firefighter cars

What will be done to protect the vehicles of those who risk so much for us? Mar. 30, 6:09 AM

​Commonsense ideas can cut health care costs

Our health care system is broken. Mar. 28, 9:20 PM


Toby Nix

Many can make cornbread, but few excel

A bowl of cornbread and buttermilk is a complete meal in the South. Apr. 28, 6:18 AM

Guest column

Damage in the wake of 'No Drama Obama'

Spineless leadership, fake red lines, and pompous arrogance all have one thing in common: Barack Obama. Apr. 28, 6:17 AM

Advice for President Trump

The reality is that the law backs you up on both cases, but the perception is you are hiding something. Apr. 27, 6:04 AM

Guest column

Flying the unfriendly skies

We live in an era of air travel where paying customers are regarded as some sort of annoyance. Apr. 27, 6:05 AM

Matthew Pearce

Dems can win with youth

Democrats are successful when presenting a candidate under 40. Apr. 26, 2:10 AM

Guest column

'Dealmaker' Trump flip-flops on Dreamers

​President Trump owns DACA and may have to suffer the consequences in 2020. Apr. 26, 2:08 AM

Walter Jones

​It’s been a busy time at NTH

What company anywhere isn’t going through dramatic changes? Apr. 22, 9:56 PM

Alex McRae

Safe and sound

On Thursday, April 27, our Coweta County public safety employees will be honored. Apr. 22, 9:53 PM

Lee St. John

Horses have a power over us

I think if you looked up “horse” in the dictionary, you’d see a picture of Newnan. Apr. 22, 10:01 PM

Toby Nix

Those who wait also serve

​What’s behind a porch light? Apr. 21, 12:39 AM


Procession for Lt. Paramedic Michael Scott Norton

Procession for Lt. Paramedic Michael Scott Norton

Funeral procession for fallen firefighter Michael Scott Norton.

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Rockaway Rumble Strips

Rockaway Rumble Strips

Residents are asking the Coweta Commissioners to remove newly-installed rumble strips on Rockaway Road because of the noise they create.

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2017 Citizen of the Year

2017 Citizen of the Year

Pastor Tamarkus Cook, senior pastor of Saint Smyrna Baptist Church is named 2017 Coweta Citizen of the Year

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