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Meeting history face to face

Next week, Cowetans will have the opportunity to meet history face to face when Vietnam War correspondent Joe Galloway speaks at Newnan High School. Apr. 04, 5:39 PM

‘Seeing Newnan’ makes us take a look at ourselves

The “Seeing Newnan” banners are up and making us take an extra look at our community and at ourselves. Mar. 26, 6:31 PM

Be the voice of change

We believe it’s time to drop the anonymity on our Opinion page. Mar. 12, 6:46 PM

Get LINC’d in

The LINC is for those who want to introduce activity into their life, and there’s no better incentive for getting up and moving. Feb. 08, 10:39 AM

Coweta Cares concept shows wisdom, insight

Behavioral health issues are the reason for a significant number of calls to Coweta 911. Nov. 20, 7:06 PM

Letters To The Editor

Fair share of taxes

The top 10 percent of earners pay nearly 70 percent. Apr. 18, 5:35 PM

Americans do not love Socialism

To Jack Bernard, Americans do not love Socialism. Apr. 16, 6:26 PM

Glad elected officials supporting president

​I am proud to say I support my elected officials, and they are doing exactly what we, the majority of voters, asked for – supporting our president. Apr. 11, 8:53 PM

Paddlers appreciate coverage of cleanup

I was excited to see the front page (April 7) mention of this year’s efforts. Apr. 11, 9:54 PM

Biology overrules political correctness

In the future, frat boys will have to get even drunker to interact with girls. Apr. 11, 8:51 PM

Cox, Hargett, Armstrong deserve fair hearing

Michael A. Cox, Benjamin J. Hargett and Angelo R. Armstrong have been in a Georgia State prison since 2007. Apr. 10, 10:46 PM

Schools should offer more foreign language classes

I was educated in the very rural Fayette County school system in the 1970s. Apr. 10, 10:45 PM

Students learning life skills

Parents and teachers, thank you for teaching "life skills" along with academics. Apr. 10, 10:41 PM

Ferguson, Isakson, Perdue a disgrace for supporting Trump

​I think that Rep. Ferguson, Senators Isakson and Perdue need to get their men's rhetoric straightened up and get the facts right. Apr. 10, 10:41 PM

Banks’ banner brings back memories

I have to agree with “Miss Norma” Haynes regarding her concerns about the permanent murals on some of our historic buildings downtown. Apr. 09, 8:52 PM

Ask Miss Pearl

Ask Miss Pearl

Miss Pearl is one of Newnan's leading authorities on modern etiquette. Apr. 20, 2:10 PM

Glorious Easter

Winston Skinner

Glorious Easter

The idea of life from death, unexpected beginnings from seemingly a certain end – Easter is a glorious time. Apr. 20, 2:10 PM

People and places

Alex McRae

People and places

Not all visitors know or care that Notre Dame is a church and France once considered itself a Christian nation. Apr. 20, 2:10 PM

Easter: The soft power of Jesus Christ

John A. Tures

Easter: The soft power of Jesus Christ

Power is defined as who gets what, when and how. Apr. 18, 5:25 PM

Creekside smarts on tsunamis

Toby Nix

Creekside smarts on tsunamis

This is my time to show her her old man ain’t as dumb as he looks. Apr. 18, 5:27 PM

Drew Ferguson

Tax reform benefits showing

This is the first time on record that the number of open jobs exceeds the number of unemployed Americans. Apr. 18, 5:33 PM

Excuses breed failure

Stephen Forrester was born during the “baby boom” period after the Second World War. Apr. 17, 9:32 PM

The cream new deal

The cream new deal

In 1935, the Social Security program was instituted to make retirement easier to endure. Apr. 17, 9:34 PM

Guest column

Bells of Notre Dame will chime again

The fire at Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris is an incalculable cultural loss for all of the human race. Apr. 17, 9:36 PM

and the winner is…

Scott Ludwig

and the winner is…

​I’d like to thank everyone who submitted an entry into the contest to find the quirkiest pet peeve amongst our readers. Apr. 16, 6:04 PM

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Movers, Shakers, & History Makers: Episode 7

Movers, Shakers, & History Makers: Episode 7

Lenn Wood, a Coweta native and current candidate for the office of sheriff, has served for a number of years as the president of the Georgia Association of SROs and was sworn in as acting sheriff after Mike Yeager’s retirement earlier this year.

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Poplar Road Opens

Poplar Road Opens

The Poplar Road project has been more than 20 years in the making, and a ceremonial groundbreaking was held in May 2016.

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Movers, Shakers, & History Makers: Episode 5

Movers, Shakers, & History Makers: Episode 5

Sheriff's candidate Randolph Collins is a Coweta native who started out with the Newnan Police Department and eventually found his way protecting President George W Bush as a member of the secret service prior to returning to Newnan several years ago.

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