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Pathways art symbolic of what is good about Coweta

When the new Pathways Care Campus opens, there will be art everywhere. Jul. 17, 9:56 PM

Apartments are homes, too

The debate over the merits of the apartment proposal will continue, but maybe it’s time for a new message that doesn’t demean good people whose homes happen to be apartments. Jul. 09, 11:06 PM

Just the facts

Each story is different, but the bottom line remains the same: Nothing but the facts. Jun. 11, 9:34 PM

Appreciation luncheon demonstrates legacy of philanthropy

We’re grateful to live in a community where appreciation and assistance for our first-responders remain a priority. Apr. 23, 4:47 PM

Meeting history face to face

Next week, Cowetans will have the opportunity to meet history face to face when Vietnam War correspondent Joe Galloway speaks at Newnan High School. Apr. 04, 5:39 PM

Letters To The Editor

Many cancer patients need rides to treatment

One of the toughest challenges cancer patients face is getting to and from treatment. Aug. 14, 7:41 PM

Reader astonished at support for Trump

I am constantly astonished by the support for this president when his actions would suggest otherwise. Aug. 13, 9:57 PM

Let’s get this right

I’d like to offer a few observations about the current development proposal of the RD Cole site in downtown. Aug. 08, 5:34 PM

In Texas, no one to stop the mass murder

If one isn’t prepared to use a weapon in defense of self or others, what is the reason to carry it? Aug. 08, 5:38 PM

100 percent support for Trump

Is Donald Trump big-headed, narcissistic, combative and exaggerates? Yes, no doubt, but he fights. Aug. 08, 5:40 PM

Maybe naive, definitely hopeful

I do not think many Americans, to this day, fully appreciate the Jackie “Robinsonesque” nature of Mr. Obama’s presidency. Aug. 07, 10:16 PM

Politics, real estate should be separate

In light of all the controversy concerning the city over apartments, lot size and annexations, maybe it's time to "drain the swamp." Aug. 06, 3:20 PM

Milestone scores cause for concern

I am concerned about the future of our society if significant percentages of our ninth-graders are not fully proficient in such basic subjects as literature, history and economics. Aug. 06, 3:21 PM

Tax rule means no compromise on apartment project

Opportunity Zone Tax Credit Aug. 01, 5:07 PM

America in disconcerting times

1960's revisited Jul. 31, 5:18 PM

Police shootings indicate need for training

Jack Bernard

Police shootings indicate need for training

​“Why does a vigilante man; Carry that sawed-off shot-gun in his hand?” – Woody Guthrie Aug. 14, 7:43 PM

You got high from what?

You got high from what?

Lord, I like to have busted a gut laughing at that one. Aug. 14, 7:42 PM

What a friend!

Lawrence Reed

What a friend!

Voluntarily lived in an internment camp? Who in the world would choose to do such a thing and why? Aug. 13, 10:01 PM

By the time we got to Woodstock…

Scott Ludwig

By the time we got to Woodstock…

I would have enjoyed being on Max Yasgur’s farm in Bethel, N.Y. to hear the finest music of my generation. But it was not meant to be. Aug. 13, 9:59 PM

Guys and dolls duke it out

Alex McRae

Guys and dolls duke it out

Climate change may be raising sea levels. Aug. 11, 1:15 AM

Ties bind in small churches

Winston Skinner

Ties bind in small churches

Small churches are marked by true friendships and a deep understanding of the communities that surround them. Aug. 11, 1:14 AM

Ask Miss Pearl

Ask Miss Pearl

“Miss Pearl,” aka Colleen Sprayberry, is one of Newnan's leading authorities on modern etiquette. Aug. 11, 1:13 AM

Toby Nix

Questionable public speaking abilities

Speaking in public is a skill I want to improve on, so I jumped at the chance to be a part of this Hometown Novel Nights. Aug. 08, 5:31 PM

Yeah… throw water on me

Yeah… throw water on me

Today it’s water, tomorrow it’s gasoline, bleach, acid, urine or anything imaginable made to humiliate and instigate an aggressive action from the officer Aug. 07, 10:18 PM

Coffee, computers and creaky floors: A special look into my summer

Brittany Shivers

Coffee, computers and creaky floors: A special look into my summer

All summer, I’ve been walking into a historic building that has the scent of paper in the air and creaky floors beneath my feet. Aug. 06, 3:36 PM

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Sunrise on the Square Road Race August 31 @ 8:00 am - 11:00 am

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NFD Station 4 nears completion

NFD Station 4 nears completion

Station 4 will help alleviate the call volume received to Station 1 in downtown Newnan, which handles 54 percent of all calls inside the city limits and accounts for 16 percent of calls to all fire stations, including city and county.

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Movers, Shakers and History Makers: Dr. Joel Richardson

Movers, Shakers and History Makers: Dr. Joel Richardson

Dr. Joel Richardson talks about his career as a pastor, living in Newnan, and shares a few good Gandy stories too.

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Dr. James Thomasson talks about growing up in Coweta County

Dr. James Thomasson talks about growing up in Coweta County

Dr. James Thomasson talks about growing up in Coweta County during a recent event hosted by the Newnan-Coweta Historical Society.

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