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Politics, real estate should be separate

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  • Aug. 06, 2019 - 3:20 PM

In light of all the controversy concerning the city over apartments, lot size and annexations, maybe it's time to "drain the swamp."

A recent comic strip, BC, in Sunday's paper, shows Peter sending a message across the water – "How do you keep your capital city clean?" The reply came back – "Term limits."   

Another change that needs to be made in all areas of government is to take real estate out of politics. Anyone serving in an elected office should not be in the real estate business making decisions involving development and annexation of properties. Recuse is not a reason, it's an excuse.

Although my home is in the county – as of today – I am surrounded by city property that does affect me, particularly annexation for dense housing and increased traffic. A term tossed about frequently is "economic variables," and putting the two together with my dictionary, I read "financially rewarding quantity capable of assuming any of a set of values."

Is that the same as money talks?

Pat Craven