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City approves study on Lower Fayetteville improvements

  • By Clay Neely
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  • Aug. 14, 2019 - 4:27 PM

Widening and other improvements to Lower Fayetteville Road are now on the horizon. 

Tuesday, the Newnan City Council unanimously approved an agreement with Heath & Lineback Engineers Inc. to determine the scope involved in comprehensive improvements on Lower Fayetteville Road, spanning from Greison Trail to Sullivan Road and possibly to Hwy. 154.

The duration of the design is estimated to be around five years, according to Newnan City Engineer and Public Works Director Michael Klahr. 

The cost of the preliminary engineering and scoping services project is $684,789.77. 

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) authorized $500,000 in federal aid through the Atlanta Regional Commission, authorized by the Atlanta Regional Commission and the Georgia Department of Transportation.

Additional funding for this first task will come from the city’s 2013 SPLOST fund.

Because Lower Fayetteville Road isn’t a state highway, the city of Newnan is responsible for funding the TSPLOST project, which is estimated to carry a price tag around $60 to $70 million dollars, Klahr said, something the city and county would have a difficult time funding without assistance.

The master agreement for engineering services is set up for a five-year term and will be taken task-by-task as the city receives additional federal aid to move forward. Klahr said this would be Newnan’s first federal aid project.

“As a federal aid project, it will take longer to design and construct, but it’s money well-spent,” Klahr said. “There are a lot more steps along the way.”

The scoping will determine the best places to make improvements, examine existing traffic conditions and determine future growth and development along the road. 

“It’s not just a widening project from start to end,” Klahr said. “There could be intersection improvements and other possibilities to start with.”

Based on a schedule prepared by GDOT, Klahr estimates the study will be completed by May 2020-2021 and will take into account a range of issues including environmental, archaeological and utility. 

As sections of Lower Fayetteville Road are within the county’s jurisdiction, the city is sponsoring the project and agreed to fund the first task, according to Klahr.

“There may be some sort of inter-governmental agreement between Newnan and Coweta County for funding future tasks and construction,” Klahr said.

With areas of Lower Fayetteville that are well beyond the need for a 4-lane stretch, Klahr said the project is ready to get underway.

“This is a project that matters to a lot of people in Newnan and Coweta County,” he said.