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Serious community issues at stake

  • By The Newnan Times-Herald
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  • Jul. 16, 2019 - 4:45 PM

Per the June 7, 2019 article expressing the apparent editorial opinion that discrimination exists against apartment dwellers in general by Newnan residents, I too feel the need to state an opinion.

The opposition to a 340-unit apartment complex with shopping center, untold numbers of people and additional cars with subsequent parking needs, very likely the need for additional traffic lights, directional and stop signs and surely many more local requirements, presents a number of demographic challenges.

I find the article to be short sighted on several levels. The discriminatory element of the article’s subject matter and its inherent accusation, I find to be unassociated with the issues that face the city of Newnan, Coweta County and the state.

Local zoning requirements directly affect demographic elements. The quality of the city’s character, as a result, determines tourism and commercial and residential attraction to the area. The addition to the local population affects the census and subsequently the city, county and state budgets with resulting financial allocations and mandates. There are, of course, many further examples to consider.

It is in everyone’s interest to have safe and affordable housing for all of our citizens. If additional housing options for our current resident populations are needed, let’s discuss positive and workable opportunities for that. This need will not be met by the “Luxury Apartment and Shopping Center” proposition which is what has been presented to us here.

Serious community issues confronting all Newnan residents are at stake here. Should this zoning change and proposition be approved, it is soon possible that future encroachment impacts the Cole Town district further and Newnan as a whole.

This is hardly a human rights issue in the face of regional, national and global social problems. Perceived local discrimination against apartment dwellers? How about we take a larger, longer view?

Brooks Martin