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No answer to Ferguson’s ‘nay’

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  • Jul. 31, 2019 - 5:20 PM

Each week, Congressman Drew Ferguson (R- GA 3) sends a newsletter to his constituents on his mailing list.

In a recent newsletter, the Congressman left off the biggest news story of the week. That the House had voted on a resolution to condemn the President's remarks about four members of Congress.

On this resolution, the congressman voted "Nay."

I have reached out to his office by email and phone and cannot get a response as to why the congressman would vote this way. As such, I sent another email with the only three reasons I can imagine for why the congressman would vote “no” on this resolution.

I still have not received a response, and I wonder what it might take to get the congressman to justify his vote on this resolution – especially since all the congressman or his staff would need to report at this time is a simple A, B, or C.

Below is my email: “I am confused as to why this weekly brief would leave out the fact that the Congressman voted ‘nay’ on House Resolution 489 Condemning President Trump's Racist Comments Directed at Members of Congress.

“I have come up with a few reasons why the congressman may leave his voting record off of this email brief, but cannot decide which makes the most sense. Having never met the congressman myself, I cannot be sure about his decision making process.

“A: The congressman is ashamed of his vote due to the fact that he misunderstood the definition of the word ‘condemn’ confusing it for the word ‘condone’ and now regrets is vote.

“B: The congressman is confident that the people of our district are well aware of his xenophobic beliefs and didn't feel the need to broadcast a redundant vote to the effect.

“C: The congressman knows that this vote does not reflect the opinion of the residents of our district and is ashamed to own up to this disgraceful vote in a newsletter to the Georgians he is elected to represent. Please let me know which of the above is the correct reasoning. I look forward to better understanding the congressman's reasoning.”

Lucy Hensley