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Menk claims she was ‘doxed’

  • By Rebecca Leftwich
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  • Jul. 16, 2019 - 10:57 PM

Linda Menk has repeatedly accused her detractors of engaging in a “witch hunt,” and now claims to be a victim of “doxing.”

The District 4 representative made the claim at the July 9 meeting of the Coweta County Board of Education. 

“One of these people who loves to participate in this witch hunt, who’s taken great glee in it, had the audacity to dox me,” Menk said.

Merriam-Webster defines doxing – also spelled doxxing – as the practice of publicly identifying or publishing an individual’s private information, usually as a form of revenge or punishment. 

Urban Dictionary says the term, first identified around 2009, is slang for “document dropping” – meaning “publicly exposing someone's real name or address on the Internet who has taken pains to keep them secret.”

The legality of doxing is a gray area, but it is a punishable practice in some instances.

“There are currently two senate aides during the Kavanaugh investigation that doxed Republican representatives that served on the Kavanaugh hearing board,” Menk said. “They’re both serving four-year sentences right now.”

Menk said she sold her White Oak Drive home May 15 to a family who “moved to this community to get away from the bad memories” of losing a child.

“They are emotional wrecks,” Menk said. “Physically, emotionally, mentally. And some moron in this community published, on social media, on The Newnan Times-Herald Facebook page, my home address, and encouraged – encouraged – someone to either do damage to me personally, thinking I still lived there, or to that property.”

Menk asked that the family be left alone.

“Will you please leave people alone that don’t have a dog in this fight?” she said. “Attempt to do that.”

The Coweta County Sheriff’s Office has received no reports regarding Menk’s former home, according to Col. Jimmy Yarbrough. The Times-Herald reached out to the current homeowners, who denied any harassment.

Menk’s address, along with mailing addresses for all board members, is listed on the Coweta County School System’s website.