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Grantville going broke

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  • Jul. 02, 2019 - 11:38 PM

The City of Grantville is going broke – fast.

Micromanaging Mayor Doug Jewel has sent costs skyrocketing running day to day business. The general fund is now minus $963,953 according to the 2018 audit. The 2015 audit, my last year of influence, the fund held $319,656.

A loss in three years of $1,283,609.

That happened even though under Mayor Jewel and Councilwoman Ruby Hines, city property taxes were tripled in 2016. Prior to this mayor, we kept the general fund positive all through the recession with no increase in taxes.

The 2018 audit shows the city spent $540,247 more than it took in. On Mayor Jewel’s first day in office, he relieved the previous city manager and took over running the city. Both clerks, with over 23 years experienced, resigned within 30 days. In his fifth month, the rec

director resigned and blamed Jewell and Councilwoman Hines, his devoted supporter, with abusive treatment. The council wrote the director a severance check for $20,000 to avoid a lawsuit.

The city is dealing with an ongoing lawsuit blaming the mayor for forcing the previous police chief to resign. We all know the mayor’s influence spending $73,000 of cemetery trust fund money on a wall that immediately started falling down. No contract, no budget, no oversight, no bidding, just paid invoices presented.

When I complained to council about requested spending for the old theater next to city hall, Councilwoman Hines stated, “The sky is the limit.”

The mayor takes a “junket” every five weeks at city expense. He and Councilwoman Hines just returned from five days in Savannah at city expense. Later this month it’s the Ritz Carlton at Amelia Island for the mayor.

Something must change ASAP.

Jim Sells

Grantville councilman/former mayor