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First-hand experience says Wood should be sheriff

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  • Jun. 13, 2019 - 5:38 PM

From 1991 to 2013, I owned and operated Best Bonding, a company in Coweta County.

This was a family business started by my three daughters and myself. In the beginning, Ross Henry, now sheriff of Heard County, worked with us, as well. We were later joined by my brother, son-in-law and eventually my granddaughter. 

After my 22 years of working with the jail, the court system and people from all walks of life, I would like to tell you why I believe Lenn Wood should be your next sheriff. By now you have read about all his political accomplishments and qualifications. I would like to tell you about the man and his human characteristics.

For 22 years, I dealt with hundreds of Coweta County jail employees, inmates, clients, attorneys, judges and families. Our goal at Best Bonding was not to just get someone out of jail, but to try to help keep them out of jail and not become repeat offenders. If that meant trying to get them help by referring them to counselors, finding them a place to live or just getting them back to their families, we wanted to help them. Lenn helped on many occasions to accomplish this goal. 

The jail is a complex entity. From the time one is arrested until they are released, they pass through many processes and deal with many different personalities. You need an experienced person to run this jail, and Lenn has the experience. Having said this, I can also say Lenn Wood is one man you want in your corner. Whether you are his employee, or the person arrested and brought in the back door of the jail, if Lenn is in charge, know that you will be treated with professionalism, fairness, honesty, and most of all, compassion. 

One thing sets him apart from all the rest is his compassion. He always has time for you and has a listening ear. He treats each person with respect to their situation. 

Time after time, I have experienced him go above his duties to help others. This shows a man’s true character. Lenn Wood has the experience of running the jail and court systems efficiently. 

Now, let’s elect someone who also has the morals and character to be everyone’s sheriff. A sheriff we can be proud of both professionally and personally. Vote Lenn Wood the Man!
Brenda Dunn