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Arrest Log: June 12-18

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  • Jun. 21, 2019 - 9:22 AM

Arrest Log: June 12-18

The Newnan Times-Herald

The following arrest bookings were listed in the Coweta County Jail. The arresting departments are noted: Coweta County Sheriff's Office (CCSO), Coweta Probation (CPRB), Child Support (CLDS), Crime Suppression Unit (CSU), Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI), Georgia Department of Corrections (GDC), Georgia Department of Natural Resources (GDNR), Georgia State Patrol (GSP), Grantville City Court (GRTV), Grantville Police Department (GPD), Newnan City Court (NWCT), Newnan Police Department (NPD), Newnan Probation (NPRB), Palmetto Police Department (PPD),Private Investigator (PRIV), Senoia City Court (SNCT), Senoia Police Department (SPD), State Probation (STPR), Superior Court (SUP), U.S. Marshals (USM), or others.

Violation of probation or parole is listed as VOP, violation of the Georgia controlled substance act is listed as VGCSA, failure to appear is noted as FTA, hold for other agency is listed as HOA, family violence act is listed as FVA, failure to maintain lane is listed as FTML and driving under the influence is abbreviated DUI.

All persons arrested, except those held by orders of the magistrate or those arrested for violation of probation, are released from custody after posting bond or paying a fine.

The following arrest bookings were listed in the Coweta County Jail. The arresting departments are noted:

June 12

Alexander, Byron Gerome, 50 - suspended license, CCSO

Beasley, Octavies Levi, 27 - fraud using financial transaction card, CCSO

Haines, Zachery Taylor, 29 - assault aggravated with knife, battery aggravated with knife, CCSO

Head, Christy Renee, 46 - suspended license, impeding flow of traffic, NPD

Kalanica, Ilir, 39 - driving while unlicensed, CCSO

Norton, Isabella Kelly, 25 - marijuana possession, STA

Payton, Timothy Andrew, 28 - open container in passenger area of vehicle in operation, DUI refusal, CCSO

June 13

Anderson, Tory, 31 - prostitution, narcotics possession, dangerous drugs to be kept in original container, CCSO

Cordero-Rojas, Kristin Marie, 26 - prostitution, non-narcotic possession, CCSO

Coverson, Charles Lamar, 35 - criminal trespass with property damage, criminal damage to property in the second degree, CCSO

Donnelly, Michael Sean, 36 - battery simple, obstruction of officers, SPD

Hernandez, Desiree Alyss, 26 - prostitution, CCSO

Jackson, Mychaela Darnell, 24 - theft by shoplifting, CCSO

Little, Dawn Michelle, 37 - probation violation, prostitution, narcotics possession, CCSO

Meagher, Brianna Danielle, 22 - probation violation, CPRB

Roberts, Gabriel Joel, 31 - probation violation, STPR

Sylvester, Lovell Anthony Sr., 29 - fraud obtaining goods/service, CCSO

Terrazas, Kristie Lynn, 30 - prostitution, marijuana possession, CCSO

Williams, William Ronnie, 46 - prostitution, CCSO

June 14

Dewberry, Justin Scott, 25 - operating vehicle without registration/valid tag, CCSO

Morgan, Curtis Tyrone, 51 - probation violation, CPRB

Redwine, Tiffany Lynn, 30 - HOA, CCSO

Richardson, Matthew Thomas, 32 - obstruction of officers, CCSO

Watkins, Neontra Meshae, 27 - FTML, suspended license, CCSO

June 15

Gee, Seth Conrad, 47 - burglary second degree, theft by receiving stolen property, CCSO

Rhodes, William Joe, 45 - burglary second degree, theft by receiving stolen property, CCSO

Riggs, Andrew Bradley, 27 - FTML, DUI alcohol, CCSO

Ross, John Henry, 66 - theft by shoplifting, obstruction of officers, CCSO

June 16

Black, Debra Lee, 50 - family violence order violation, CCSO

Bush, Eddie James Jr., 26 - suspended registration, no proof of insurance, ran red light, NPD

Donis Parada, Yeyson Estuardo, 21 - driving while unlicensed, CCSO

Griffin, Marcella Louise, 36 - DUI-less safe, FTML, CCSO

Johnson, Veronica Deshawn, 47 - reckless conduct, child cruelty, criminal damage to property, NPD

Long, Malik Jamal, 23 - operating vehicle without registration, no proof of insurance, fleeing/attempting to elude police, CCSO

Pearson, Kaylin Marie, 23 - obstruction of officers, CCSO

Purifoy, Anthony Antonio, 24 - speeding, driving while unlicensed, narcotics possession, dangerous drugs to be kept in original container, marijuana possession, GSP

Roberts, Tasheika Nikia, 28 - probation violation, NPRB

Ryan, Joshua James, 30 - narcotics possession, NPD

Washington, Rosalind Yvette, 48 - suspended license, stop sign violation, NPD

Waters, Terry Dewayne, 55 - stop sign violation, suspended license, CCSO

Williams, Derrick Antonio, 37 - HOA

Wood, Angel Miracle, 20 - HOA

June 17

Allen, Jordan Tyler, 28 - probation violation, STPR

Brown, Omegah, 28 - influencing witness, CCSO

Clark, Clifford Antonio, 27 - marijuana possession, no brake lights, defective tires, CCSO

Florence, Harold, 59 - FTA, STA

Ginn, Andy Travis, 34 - HOA

Green, Lee Garland, 30 - FTA, suspended registration, marijuana possession, GPD

Hernane, Nicole Lee, 38 - probation violation, STPR

Hines, Eric Jerome, 32 - FTML, DUI, NPD

Laguardia, David Owen, 17 - narcotics possession, CCSO

Mclamb, Detrict Arnarze, 28 - probation violation, CPRB

Parks, Isaac Jeremiah, 20 - marijuana possession, CCSO

Robinson, Quantez Traveon, 20 - armed robbery, NPD

Rosser, Jaquai Trevon Xavier, 21 - armed robbery, NPD

Shealey, Dexter Felnard, 48 - DUI, CCSO

Thacker, Rayford Anthony, 36 - probation violation, STPR

Wells, Frank Curtis, 30 - probation violation, CPRB

June 18

Abdur-Rabbani, Hafid Abdullah, 40 - loitering or prowling, obstruction of officers, CCSO

Akins, Laconte Donsha, 26 - fleeing/attempting to elude police, SUP

Butler, Timothy Sherod, 30 - probation violation, STPR

Carroll, Michael Monroe, 24 - narcotics possession, driving while unlicensed, dangerous drugs to be kept in original container, CCSO

Clark, Richard Daniel, 38 - theft by taking, CCSO

Dobbins, Michael Bernad, 26 - wrong way on one-way street, driving while unlicensed, GSP

Frazier, Cordera Tito, 27 - marijuana possession, NPD

Gilliam, Brantley Edward, 32 - probation violation, STPR

Johnson, Carey Deandre, 20 - fugitive from justice, CCSO

Jones, Clinton Cody, 33 - probation violation, STPR

Payton, Ebonie Janae, 28 - narcotics possession, forgery, drug-related objects, obstruction of officers, windshield wipers required, no brake lights, child restraint violation, CCSO

Rahman, Abdul Rashid, 25 - reckless driving, CCSO

Warren, Lloyd Raphael, 27 - theft by taking, entering auto to commit theft, criminal damage to property, SUP

Williams, Monteleto Delafayette, 17 - theft by shoplifting, NPD