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‘Wonderful Wadsworth’ captures meaning of arts space

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  • Apr. 03, 2019 - 6:38 PM

Written after seeing “The Wonderful Wadsworth”

As chairman of The Lively Arts Series at the Heritage School, which grew into chairman of Newnan’s Evening to Celebrate Charles Wadsworth’s retirement from Lincoln Center, which grew into two subsequent concerts directed by Charles to benefit a Wadsworth Music Scholarship at West Georgia College to welcome the West Georgia Center to Newnan, which then grew into Wadsworth and Friends doing concerts to benefit the Auditorium Restoration Projects, it was an incredible experience.

“Fools walk in where Angels fear to tread.”

Maggie and Jonathan Hickman’s thoughtful and beautifully broad film captured the diversity of what the building and auditorium within had meant to Newnan through the years. Whether presenting professional musical or drama groups or giving opportunity for locals to practice being professionals, it was a celebration of the arts in a small town, for most of its citizens.

When Charles came to town, the “Grande Dame” had faded, and television was the wicked Queen. The ensuing years brought about a grassroots effort with leading citizens, businesses, the Coweta County School System, teachers, artists, talented specialists here in town, and the rest of us enthusiastic believers in the magic of live arts to have all ages learn, appreciate and grow. So many wonderful things have subsequently resulted from this community project.

Thanks goodness for the talents of these two filmmakers. The film documented stories I had heard and some sad ones I hadn’t. Bravo to the future of The Wonderful Wadsworth despite the Queens of distraction and mindless entertainment.

Shirley T. Church