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The cream new deal

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  • Apr. 17, 2019 - 9:34 PM

The cream new deal

The Newnan Times-Herald

In a recent NTH opinion piece, I was informed that, according to a Hill/Harris poll, 70 percent of all voters want Medicare for All/Single payer/government provided health care.

A little shocked that seven out of 10 of us have warmly embraced the ideals of socialism. But wait. That same polling service, asking the same question but this time inserting: “if it meant losing private health insurance” the numbers plummeted to only 13 percent.

And I can accept one in 10 of us skipping around town looking skyward for rainbows and unicorns. More in San Francisco and almost nowhere in Texas, but you get the picture.

In 1935, the Social Security program was instituted to make retirement easier to endure. The program was a numerical slam-dunk for bureaucrats as there were 37 workers for every one retiree, the average retiree was 65 years old and the average life expectancy was 61.

The fund was flush with cash, and you would most likely die before you could collect. Brilliant social program.

Now with three workers for every one retiree and a program that is due to run out of money in 2035, the power brokers in Washington would risk their political career to pull that lollipop from the mouth of the baby, or in this instance, grandpa. But social programs always grow and never end.

I grew up believing social programs were for the sick, handicapped and old folks that for one reason or another were struggling just to stay alive. I was brought up seeing able bodied people work, saving their money for a rainy day and staying with companies they may not be in love with but knew those that endured reaped the benefits and those that jumped from job to job were broke in the end. There are countless stories of humble beginnings resulting in success and wealth. We didn’t hate rich folk. Heck, we all wanted to be one.

Besides, depending on the government for everything when you are perfectly able to do for yourself is dishonest. Everyone needs a little help now and then, but insisting to be carried when you can walk is just plain lazy.

Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day (Socialism). Teach a man to fish and he will eat a lifetime (Capitalism). Waiting in line to use a community-owned fishing pole because you don’t look hungry enough to fish (Communism).

Everyone is given a fishing pole but it’s rendered useless because monofilament line has been outlawed because it is a petroleum byproduct (Green New Deal).

Only racists fish because Donald Trump is president (Democratic party platform). Fishing might not be a good idea if it makes our colleagues across the legislative isle uneasy (Republican party platform). Fishing is easier with dynamite (Alfred Nobel).

Nationally syndicated talk show host Andrew Wilkow always says, “Socialism is the intersection between the incompetent and the incapable. The fantasy that is functioning Socialism is enticing to both the poor who demand ‘free stuff,’ and the privileged who need a purpose in life.”

Be wary of those who promote socialistic programs because they represent the elitist class who appear they are looking out for the downtrodden but have their bread delivered long before the line begins.

It will be hard to turn down free ice cream when they promise that, too. Whether I embrace the new ice cream program – The Cream New Deal – or turn it down because I can buy my own, I figure I’ll be paying either way.

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