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Looking ‘Through the Lens’

  • By Rebecca Leftwich
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  • Apr. 26, 2019 - 5:57 PM

Looking ‘Through the Lens’

Photo courtesy Jenni Horne

An opening reception was held for the exhibit March 28.

Student photographers from Northgate High School are in the spotlight at the Nixon Centre for the Arts through May 20.

Art instructor Jenni Horne teaches Photography 1 and Photography 2, and “Through the Lens” is the first exhibit of her students’ work.

“Photography is about telling a story, only there are no words,” said Horne, who has taught classes for four years. “It is my greatest joy to watch a student hold a (digital) camera, snap a photo, look at the viewfinder and become wide-eyed at the image they created.”

In Photography 1, students learn the history of the camera and the basics of shooting with a digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) camera in manual mode with an emphasis on composition, lighting and image quality.  Images are not edited unless an assignment requires it.

Photography 2 students create personal websites and blogs and upload each assignment, creating a digital portfolio. Building on skills learned in Photography 1, the students work to create images that tell stories and evoke emotion or energy, according to Horne.

“Through the Lens” was introduced with a reception at the Nixon Centre March 28. Contributing artists include:

Photography 1

Ana Rudny, sophomore – "Soft Landing"

Emily Reed, sophomore – “Black and White Portrait of Lianna”

Ryan Miller, sophomore – “Hard Light Portrait of Kameron”

Jessi Garner, sophomore – “Light Painting”

Leigh Cox, sophomore – “Splash Photography”

Melody-Joy Simeca – “Dappled Light Portrait”

Sydney May, sophomore – "Strawberry Splash,” “Rainbow Pencils”

Matthew Johnson, sophomore – "Sunflower"

Andrew Fincher, junior – “Greeting One Another"

Catherine Ahn, junior – "Splashing Around in My Vans"

Lexi Whiddon, junior – “Delicate Folds,” “Hard Light Portrait of Kelsey”

Mailey Horne, junior – “Texture Repeated,” “Delicate Reflection”

Mary Ferguson, junior – "Hiding"

Sara Reed, junior – "Reflections"

Danielle Kronlein, senior – “Portrait of Myra with Rainbow”

Hannah Bright, senior – “Hard Light Portrait of Mailey”

Janet Reaves, senior – “Hard Light Portrait of Jada”

Myra Comisky, senior – “Warm Glow Portrait of Danielle”

Lina Benson, senior – “Ants Go Marching”

Photography 2

Kameron Guthrie, sophomore – “Defying Gravity”

Kayleigh Guthrie, sophomore – “Macro Waterdrop”

Cassandra Chahalis, junior – "Salt Pour"

Jordan Fairbanks, junior – “Hard Light Portrait of Tyshira”

Kelsey McCurry, junior – "Op Art Lines"

Katelyn Jersey, junior – "Double Trouble"

Tristan Avera, junior – “Life in the Round”

Cheyenne Haynes, senior – “The Itsy Bitsy Spider"

Cassidy Zellner, senior – “Portrait of Maggie”

Emily Dozier, senior – "Abstract World"

Kelsey Bedwell, senior – "Touching the Unknown"

Matthew Fincher, senior – “Blue Light Portrait”

MaryKate Patafio, senior – “Mixed Feelings”

Sophie Brinkley, senior – “Caught in Between,” “In the Mist”

Hailey Jackson, senior – “Forever Friends”