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Architecture should be left uncovered

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  • Apr. 02, 2019 - 5:08 PM

All my life, I have known our lovely town as the City of Homes.

We have such beautiful, unique houses built years ago by generations of people who loved this town the same way I do. 
We were fortunate in early days to have had the R.D. Cole Manufacturing Company right here in the downtown area who provided such beautiful details to so many of these homes, and thankfully many have been saved. 
I am grateful to those who have put in offices or restaurants in some of our older homes leading into our downtown thus preserving the integrity of our City of Homes. 
I am also thankful for those who have restored these old homes and now enjoy living in them. It is unbelievable the numbers of out of town people who come here just to see our architecture. 
Most of all, I am thankful to the Coweta County Commissioners for restoring and using the grand old courthouse which sits in the middle of our town square. 
And, I am grateful to the city fathers who preserved the Carnegie Building as well as the Newnan Municipal Building now known as the Wadsworth Auditorium. 
These are relics of the past which can never be replaced.
How many times in my many, many years of living here in Newnan have I strolled around the court square, window shopping and greeting folks on the sidewalks. 
I loved looking up at the beautiful old buildings surrounding our downtown which truly have some of the most interesting architecture anywhere.
Now, though I love the trees, they have grown so much that where they are planted, very little of the details of some of our prettiest buildings can be seen, and perhaps they can be pruned so that these details can be noted. 
No longer do I feel comfortable “strolling” and window shopping because I really have to watch in crossing the streets around the court square as many in cars have no regard for us pedestrians. Already some have been hit by cars when they had the light to cross in the crosswalks. 
And, as much as I admire some of the artists’ works, I don’t like to see our old buildings painted or covered with art. I feel that our buildings speak for themselves. 
I don’t want to live in Gwinnett County or in Atlanta or any metropolitan city. I want to live right here in the town I so dearly love, and I want to see it remain the City of Homes and the town of beautiful old buildings uncovered so that their beauty can be enjoyed by all who come here and live here.
Norma Haynes