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100 new homes

  • By The Newnan Times-Herald
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  • Apr. 25, 2019 - 6:02 PM

Once again the Coweta County Commissioners and the Newnan City Council irresponsibly conspired to over-develop Coweta far beyond any rational level for existing infrastructure to handle.

Clearly they won’t be satisfied until the entire county is gridlocked. Could it be that they are motivated more by real estate commissions than in protecting the quality of life that county residents so adamantly stated as essential in the county Land Use Plan?

Is it really too much to expect our elected representatives to actually enforce the clearly defined development density standards that have been established and approved by city and county residents? Or do zoning regulations simply serve as a land bank for developers and a bottomless piggy bank for increasing municipal and county taxes?

Dumping more traffic on Hwy. 29, Bullsboro and Lower Fayetteville is simply downright stupid.

Since the state controls the major thoroughfares in the county, perhaps it would be best to impose a moratorium on annexations, variances and new developments until traffic planning and highway improvements can support the additional traffic. Of course this would require cooperative planning between state, county, and city that appears – if experience is any indicator – beyond the desires and abilities of our planners.

No single property owner should have the right to overburden all other property owners through over-development; but that is what is happening repeatedly with unopposed, non-stop high density development without any consideration for handling the extra resultant traffic.

Frank D. Banta